Zombie Dreams

Have you ever wondered why zombies would make their appearance in your dreams?

Unless you’re playing Call of Duty: Zombies on PlayStation all night I wouldn’t worry about the dream too much. Though zombies actually contains a very symbolic meaning that embodies a plethora of different interpretations. One thing we do know is that killing a zombie in your dream represents a change or conscious shift in one’s life.

Zombie Dream Meaning

These brain-oriented flesh eating monsters deliver an important metaphorical message warning the dreamer about something inhuman in human form. Zombies in dreams represent the people who have a decreased levels of dopamine in prefrontal cortex.

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In fact you might know a couple of zombies in your life. You know the ones who are controlled by limited beliefs, unconscious behaviors, addictions or urges… Maybe you had a glimpse of these fools trample over an old lady to save 15% on a flat screen T.V during a black Friday sale.

Wait….before you go it is quite possible that the zombie might be you!

#1. Zombie Dreams: Binge Eating

One dead give away (no pun intended) is the fact that zombies are unable to defend themselves against harm. There lack of self-preservation in pursuit of consumption suggests these are the people that will kill themselves for one particular thing. Brains.

Their insatiable craving for just one object might mirrors something in your life that you are possessed by. Could the zombie encourage the dreamer to reflect on their health? Do you ever eat harmful foods that might put you in a diabetic coma?

#2. Zombie Dream Meaning: Addictions

Zombies may even appear in your dreams if you or people you know that are consumed mainly by their addictions. Whether it be an alcoholic, heroine addict, pot head, or someone addicted to meth their movements are strikingly similar to a zombie.

Could your dream is hinting at your own personal addictions, or perhaps the people you surround yourself with? Alternately, you might even look at society on a whole especially if you live in the States due to its recent drug epidemic.

#3. Zombie Dreams: Consumerism

Question: When your phone becomes outdated do you just by a brand new one? Maybe you are the one that constantly craves to be on top of the latest trend to make others jealous. If you are one of those people who have a strong desire to obtain the latest toy then it is quite possible the zombie might attack you in your dream.

#4. Zombie Dreams: Cell Phones

Is cell phone addiction a real thing? Yes, it’s real. And it’s worse than you think. A poll in 2017 tallied up the average time someone spends on their phone and it was alarming – a whopping 2 hour and 50 seconds staring directly at a screen.

Are you one of these people or the ones how absolutely hate the fact everybody nowadays is stuck on their phone. Do you see society being programmed by social media companies just to get you hooked (eating brains) so you come back for more? Zombies and people on cell phones are unable to converse, get in the way of you walking, bad drivers, and lacking awareness.

#5. Lacking Spiritual Awareness

Could the zombies in your dream represent the people you surround yourself with who lack any sort of spiritual grounding? Since zombies are devoid of a soul could it reflect a need to search for enlightenment in a sea of emptiness?

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5 months ago

Now I’ve had multiple dreams of a zombie apocalypse. But the most recent one scared me the most. I was on my way to school and there was a storm, and lightning had hit the vehicle I was in. I ended up passing out in the dream to later wake up to no one being outside not even the person I was with was in the truck. I had then seen a person going to shut the door so I quickly got out and ran to the door and banged on it asking them to let me in, and they… Read more »

Jinny Clarison
Jinny Clarison
5 months ago

I recently had a dream that there was a zombie apocolypse and if you touched blood or got bitten you would become a zombie. I remember I was in a fluorescently lit room with amy friend who was just bitten and then i accidentally touched blood so I had to isolate. I was then waiting to become a full zombie when me and my friends ran to a house. One of the friends had a green polka dot dress and was wearing an apron. Then I got sick and became a zombie.

6 months ago

It’s 5am I’ve had two dreams like this but I was in a room with like fake zombie and there was a father and son talking at a different area and they were talking and randomly the father goes “hey watch this.” And loudly pulled it down I looked around in a panic and saw the lights turm red over the zombie exclose and I heard screaming but I couldn’t move I felt the hands of the zombie though me and then I woke up extremely calm. And the night before was different but I was still fighting zombies. I… Read more »

8 months ago

It’s 4am and I have just woke up from a Zombie dream. It was that vivid to me, that I decided to check online the meaning to it lol.. anyway, here goes…
Me and my family were involved in some strange environment/complex/game
where a wave of zombies were unleashed to attack us and we had to fight them off before the next wave of zombies were unleashed.
I can still feel the terrifying feeling of being unable to protect my two children and wife…
Aren’t dreams strange lol ? Anyway, time to try and get back to sleep.

9 months ago

What does it mean to befriend a zombie? I’ve had 2 dreams where I become friends with zombies that are capable of talking just like normal people.

Cecilia Dominguez
Cecilia Dominguez
10 months ago

My dream was about a zombie apocalypse. I don’t remember saying any zombies in my dream, but we were packing to leave a run away from the place we were because the infestation of zombies. We live there, but it was a different house. I didn’t see the face, but I was a male presence waiting for me to pack.

Tanisha Singh
Tanisha Singh
1 year ago

My mom not allowing me to have food, even when I tell her that I am very hungry and please let me have some, I was holding a burger in my hand and I had a muffin in the box, she snatched it from me, later I tried taking it back, but she kept asking me to wait until she prepares food and then I can I have the food she prepared.

Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith
4 years ago

I once was shooting all the zombies that where coming for me and my husband in our dream. It was like a movie as I was doing a double tap. It was not a nightmare but a fun dream actually. It started off scary but I enjoyed taking a sniper rifle and pegging them off one by one. I wish I had more dreams like this.

Reply to  Amanda Smith
2 years ago

call of duty lol