Clown Dream Interpretation

Clowns may appear in your dreams for many reasons, especially for people with repressed memories of traumatic childhood experiences.

Whatever scary monster is chasing you might relate to your own fears that you are unable to face in your life in your life. Your own unrecognized fears are manifested by creating what might have scared you in the past. For example, feelings of insecurity, weakness, anxiety or vulnerability will hide behind these movie characters.

The good news is once you are able to identify with what is beneath the surface you would be able to defeat the clown from taking control over you. Find out what it means to be possessed in your dreams.

Clown Dreams: The Mask You Wear

Another possibility might be related to your “shadow” these are your repressed unconscious urges, instincts and memories that hide in the dark corners. The clown is the artificial mask that is not who is inside. It can play games and trick people, parts of your personality that is unknown to you.

  • Trolling others.
  • Trickster archetype.
  • Mask that you wear in public.
  • Immaturity.

Meaning Of Clowns In Dreams

Clowns tend to appear as nightmares in our dreams, often times chasing us or presenting themselves as killers. These dreams bring our attention to running away or not facing the negative qualities that we inherit within.

Dreams have a fun way of turning images that we see everyday in to metaphors to help you out. Though interpreting these dreams can be tricky as you will really need to go over with a fine tooth comb.

Watching horror movies can leave an imprint in our minds, stuff that scares us can seep through our minds and sometimes come out in nightmares.  Usually you wouldn’t really need to pay attention to them unless they are recurring.

Though any clown that appears in your dream might have a symbolic meaning to it after all. The clown’s hidden face could be linked to what Carl Jung the “shadow archetype” which would consists of hidden or repressed emotions that are unrecognized in ones life. These images usually come out in peoples dreams and visions.

If you have ignored these emotions they can be destructive sort of like the horror movie characters that we see on screen.  Many people dream of what scared them as kids as they reached full grown adults.  These dreams must be investigated through the rigorous work such as shadow integration the battle of your inner demons that haunt you similar to what you see in horror movies.

Dreams of clowns in a more positive light in dreams might represent your need to be playful to bring out the inner child in you.  To not take live so serious. Maybe the dream could be a play on words for you not to be so cheap with your money!