Epic Dreams

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Epic Dreams

Most case studies have showed us that everybody on earth will experience at least one or more epic type dreams in their life span. If you are not familiar with the term “epic dreaming” you may have heard other dream terminology such as “Great Dreams, Cosmic Dreams or Numinous Dreams”.  These types of dreams fall under the same category as epic dreaming.

So how do you know when you have experienced an epic dream?  Most people would know the moment they wake up. You feel a sense of enlightenment an overdose of positive energy flowing through your entire body. Most people would describe the feeling as if they won a million bucks the moment the moment they wake up. Some feel that they have had somewhat of an unexplained life change.

Epic dreams are so vivid that you will be able to remember them years down the road or sometimes your whole life. These types of dreams don’t happen very often but when they do its worth going to sleep.

When we get these types of dreams you are able to replay the dream as if it was yesterday. The dream you experienced is extremely vivid and you wouldn’t have trouble recalling what happened.

Everybody can remember a dream or two in the past, but what makes the epic dreams so powerful is the emotional feeling you get when you arise from the sleep.
Whenever we have a pleasant dream or a nightmare we are able to distinguish the difference between the both. An epic dream gives you such an emotional charge that the other types of dreams don’t give you. For the most part anybody who has had an epic dream in their life would know right away due to the euphoric feeling upon wakening.

Epic Dreams bring something out of us that we never knew we had in us. The dream feels somewhat lucid with a powerful meaning behind it. Today researchers are still trying to figure out the the reasons behind certain types of dreams and especially epic ones. If you haven’t yet experienced an epic dream yet dont be alarmed because one day you will have one. Have a look at the list below to help you understand what an epic dream feels like.

What an Epic Dream Feels Like:

  • You wake up feeling charged like you can rule the world.
  • The dream gives you a new level of awareness
  • The dream feels like you are in a Lucid State
  • You will never forget this dream. This is a dream that stays with you forever and it was like it happened yesterday
  • The moment you wake up you feel almost paralyzed joyful state
  • Pretty much for the whole day you would just be thinking about this dream.
  • You will always remember the dream characters in it as well.
  • When you wake up…  you have a new way of looking at your life and the life of people around you
  • Epic Dreams have the ability to pull emotions you never had before.
  • You will do some research on the subject wanted to know more.


If you have trouble remembering you dreams try and practice recording your dreams on a computer or a notepad. This will help you find out the missing pieces that need to solve the puzzle in your life.  At dream dictionary we give you the tools for you to figure out what needs to be brought to you attention in order to figure out your dream. If you want to join our live active forum you can post your dreams and one of our experts will decode it for you.

Epic dreams can be vivid as you are in the matrix in the dream world. The Matrix gun scene shows you how epic dreams feel.

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3 years ago

There was a time, for many years, where I would have an epic dream every night. So much information was obtained, I could almost build an entire world out of it. Countless geographies and cities, with the same streets and even their own consistent street names. The best part is that they were also very pretty. I still get an epic dream every once in a while, but I long for another period of endless epic dreaming. Thank you for clarifying what this was.

Pete L
Pete L
Reply to  Jeremy
3 years ago

That is awesome. I wish I was this lucky to experience. Once I used to have dreams of flying but not anymore.

The Scarf
The Scarf
Reply to  Jeremy
7 months ago

In my case of endless epic dreaming, everytime I sleep something is different. I’ve been in places which never change, but there is always a story which is different from the previous one.

3 years ago

I dreamt I was an actress in my favourate film- the remake and it was epic. We filmed in a red bus and a street. We were dressed all in black (we were spies). There were two burned bodies in one gruesome scene (they were the baddies) in the end scene. I loved the experience so much, I was wandering about just touching the props and exploring the set. After the film was done we had an epic party at an US airbase in the UK. There was a beach the weather was lovely too. Then we had the mock… Read more »