Tips On How To Remember Your Dreams

Many people report waking up from sleep on a daily basis and forgetting the dream they just had that night. Even if you still remember parts of your dream and want to connect the puzzle easier, you can follow certain techniques to better enhance your dream memory muscle. You might even question the significance of your dreams, as if there is even a point to do so.

Well studies concluded by researcher Rosalind Cartwright, PHD, professor emeritus of psychology says “It’s almost like having an internal therapist, because you associate [through dreams] to previous similar feelings, and you work through the emotion related to it so that it is reduced by morning.” Dreams present us with metaphoric symbols via unconscious hinting at current or repressed issues that hasn’t been resolved yet. Remembering your dreams is also another great way in enhances your imagination, self awareness and intuitive capabilities. You are your own best psychologist and what better way to do so then dream recall.

Tips To Remember Your Dreams

  1. Pump up your muscle: Most important you have to take remembering your dreams seriously. This is something that takes practice and doesn’t just happen overnight. Dreams are similar to working out a muscle on your body, you must go slow and do it properly. As time goes on the muscle gets bigger. Motivation plays a major factor in dream recall as well, you must want to remember your dreams if not it will fade away.
  2. Gather your thoughts: What is the first thing you do when you wake up from sleep? Are you the type of person to jump out of bed to get ready for work? Maybe you are thinking about what your kids will eat, or to walk the dog. All of these thoughts can instantly interrupt your personal dream recall. Did you know that humans forget roughly around 90% of their dreams within the first minute of waking up. The first minute should be about trying to piece together any images or symbols in your dream. This is vital to take the time to remove the clutter of thoughts and lay calm and relaxed.
  3. Track your dreams: Keeping a dream journal right beside your bed is a great way to increase dream recall. Sometimes just remembering an images can open up a Pandora’s box of dream scenes that you never thought was possible. You will notice over the weeks that your dream dictionary will have more and more dream content. This will then enable you to see a pattern, signs and warnings that will be very helpful in your daily life. Keeping a dream journal is essential when it comes to dream recall.
  4. Healthy Lifestyle. Try avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bed. The human body should get 6 to 8 hours a sleep a day so make sure you rest up to collect as much info as possible. Many people report eating cheese before going to bed help make dreams more intense and vivid. Mediation has been known to help with dream recall as well. 10 minutes a day of mindful meditation will give you a nice kick start.
  5. Nightly reminder: Before going to sleep make a promise to yourself that you will remember your dreams. Make sure you do not go to bed with all the problems on your shoulder. Try and relax take some time to listen to soft music or even clean your room.