Basement Dreams

According to Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung the basement is the place where we lose our soul and then rediscover it. The dreamer might perceive the room as just an underground level but this is farthest from the truth.

The basement becomes a symbol of your unconscious, the unknown aspects of themselves; impervious manifestation of what we repress deep within.

The door to the basement unlocks for a short period of time, once granted access the dreamer must absorb as much contents they can remember. The images or symbols that emerge in the basement contain unconscious parts of your past, forgotten memories, repressed feelings, hidden motives and urges.

Underneath your house hides a concealed gem, finding it brings your conscious closer to hidden universal wisdom, hidden powers and sometimes other minds. What is hidden underneath are clues that are specifically designed for you to decode often metaphorically.

Basement Dream Symbolism:

  • Connection to the soul,
  • Past memories and feelings,
  • Human psyche (unconscious),
  • Unfilled desires or instincts;
  • Transformations.

Basement Dream Meaning

Almost any underground level you venture in dreams contains elements of the unconsciousness, however basement houses connect to the emotional and physical side of the dreamer.

Each floor on in the house offers the dreamer insight to the deepest parts of their minds, a place for protection and shelter for the soul. For instance, the bedroom could be the place for intimacy – or – the bathroom to let go of things being held inside you. How can you describe the basement, was it large, haunted or beautifully designed?

In the basement your level of awareness is below what is known to you, parts of who you are and what you represent all reside in this area. Whatever happens inside belongs to you and could only be understood by your past connections with what is observed.

Basement Flooding Dream

You might be surprised that flooding in the basement is a common theme. These dreams are very symbolic that directs your attention to your unconscious emotions.

Flooding happens when their is unexpected heavy rainfall or something blocking the water from leaving. Metaphorically speaking water connects to the emotional side of the dreamer that is unknown hence the image of the basement.

Often times these are emotions related to  fears, anger, disgust, shame, guilt and sadness; that still resides at the back of your mind. These dreams call you to investigate your past so you can fix this issue before the water rises.

Basement Fire Dream

In dreams fires are enigmatic symbols that contain elements of destruction, but at the same time transformation. The red color brings your to passion, rage, illumination, and warmth.

These dreams indicate danger to the psyche; a possible conscious shift or complete destruction – a time for change in your life.

Old Basement Dreams

A possible connection with your collective unconsciousness. Old is metaphoric for something that was around even before you are born. A symbol for you to investigate further into the unknown parts of you.

Entering an old house or basement could imply the old parts of who you are, the past that needs to be revisited. Inside this old structure contains forgotten memories, old habits, ideas, beliefs, or attitudes.

Huge Basement Dream Meaning

Did you know size matters in dreams? Dreaming of a large basement indicates the unconscious potential you are capable of achieving. These dreams can be positive symbols connecting you to your untapped potential, large visions or room to explore your talents.

Basement Elements

Often times people dream of a dark mysterious or scary basement. These are dreams implying your interaction with your unconscious. As if you are entering the first day of school you are unable to understand your place.

The darkness is the unknown parts that need light for you to explore. Are you ready to go in the dark? Inside holds the key that unlocks hidden doors to your past, present and future. A clean basement are positive dream symbols that hints at your unconscious mental state of mind.

In Carl Jung book “In Memories, Dreams, Reflections” he reports an influential dream in a cellar/basement that was a turning point in his career. Going though a difficult time in his life, he interpreted the symbols in his dream to the discovery of the collective unconscious.

It refers to the part of the unconscious mind which is derived from ancestral memory and experience that connects to all humankind. This was a major break through moving away from Sigmund Freud as he branched out on his own.