Dreaming Of Rats

When rats are troublesome dream omens that warn the dreamer of something hidden and very dangerous in your life.

Anytime we use the word ‘rat’ its never viewed in a good light, but more of an unclean, diseased and contaminated rodent that triggers a gross feeling.

Rats contain a hidden message often as a warning for the dreamer to pay attention to something negative that needs to be eliminated immediately.

hey dwell in areas you wouldn’t even dare to explore; lingering behind dumpsters, breeding in sewers and wondering on subway tracks.

Rat Dreams

Rats are far more complex and intelligent then we make them out to be. Metaphorically speaking this problem is not going to go away very easily as they know how to hide and dwell in the dark corners of your mind.

When they appear the problem in your life seem to be already manifested, sometimes the size determines how long it has been hidden for. Who could the rat be in your dreams?

  • enemies
  • hidden issues not fixed
  • negative emotions, thoughts and behaviors
  • unconscious pestering thoughts (negativity)
  • psychic attack

Rats in dreams can appear to be scrupulous people, personal suffering or something that has been nagging you for a long time. A warning that it comes with sickness attached to it – they contaminate anything in its path.

The direction of where the rat is going leads you a clue. If the rat is found and is leaving or escaping your vicinity its a positive dream symbol. If you notice a rat running and hiding somewhere its a hint on where to look. This is a problem that needs to be addressed in order to be fixed

The location of the rat tells you if this is an internal or external problem. When you noticed rats in you house brings your attention on your mind/psyche as its related to an internal issue. This could be negative thinking or possibly a spiritual attack. Rats at your work place are hints to issues related to your work environment.

Dream Of Rats Running

Majority of dreams that involve rats you always see them either running or hiding. This lets you know that you might be somewhat conscious of the “rat” but will take time to find it.

Dreaming of rats crawling on you shows you that you are unaware of the dangers around you. These issue have manifested to a point where they are out of control and need to be fixed.

Rat Bite Dreams

Rats that bite in dreams are considered a bad omen signifying threats and warnings of the people you surround yourself around. Perhaps its is something that might be gnawing away at your consciousness. Thread carefully as your dream is giving you a heads up you might be to close to something that poses a threat.

Killing Rat Dreams

Killing a rat in your dream is a very positive omen that you have identified a threat that has been plaguing you for a long time. The question is if this is a threat that relates to someone or something in your life – or – relating to unconscious urges, behaviors and troubles that have been gnawing away at you.

Dead rats are very positive dream symbols that let you know that the troubles will eventually stop. These can be dangerous people who have left you or things in your life that where causing major disturbances.

The location helps determine where the issue might be residing. Often times if it is in your house it connects to your mind as each floor contains a different meaning. Furthermore how it is killed and by who is another clue that helps put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Rat Dropping Dreams Meaning

Noticing rat droppings suggests you are now becoming aware of a threat around you. You are unable to see it but this is a lead to take action of something dangerous is lurking around. This is a dream that encourages the dreamer that a threat is present in your life and needs to be exterminated The good news is you have identified that their is an issue presently lurking.

Cat and Rat Dreams

Noticing a cat and rat can be considered a very positive dream symbol as a threat in your life might be exterminated by unconscious feminine instincts.

Spiritual Meaning Of Rats

The enemy of the rat is a snake. Snakes in dreams can either be both good and bad connotations attached to it. However, when it comes to spirituality snakes are symbols of healing and transcendence. People who are more spiritually inclined might view the rat in dreams as a threat to the spiritual.

A need to awaken your energies or become in tuned with your intuition as you are up against an enemy. This could be a warning of a psychic attack on your aura that is feeding off of your energy.  A warning to ground and pay close attention to your thoughts as the negative is taking over.

The color of the rat can also be translated differently. A black rat might be related to the shadow archetype; basically the unknown dangerous aspects of the dreamer. A white rat can might pose a less of a threat but still a warning.

Rats Biblical Dream Meaning 

Leviticus 11:29  “And these are unclean to you among the swarming things that swarm on the ground: the mole rat, the mouse, the great lizard of any kind“.

Rats are commonly depicted in the bible as unclean and unkempt rodents that should never be eaten. Warnings to stay away and avoid at all costs. Rats are symbols in the Bible relating to a warning or unseen issues in your life that will cause a problem.

The movie Dracula uses rats as part of the vampire threat that scares everyone. The scene was well done, showing the vampire the light as it disappears in the darkness. The rats are a symbol of being unclean and dangerous.

Rat Dreams: Personal Encounters

Recording decades of dreams I noticed whenever the rat appeared it was a serious warning. Unlike the mouse its tiny predecessor, rats are a larger scale problem you will be encountering.

They are not considered a good omen, however they are teachers hoping we will overcome this obstacle. Rat can be people, situations or a metaphor for something that is plaguing your mind. A rat can be whatever it wants when it is presented to you.

The rat comes to be when I am suffering from pain. Before I through out my back, the rat entered my house. I knew the very morning that I had a problem on my hands but what? I forgot about this dream until months down the road I saw the rat leave my house.

This was foreshadowing the pain and negative thoughts pertaining to my back will be gone. One month after the dream I started to heal.

I noticed during times of suffering the rat has always appeared in my life. There might be a connection between negative thought patterns and the rat. This is why they are found so often in our house in dreams.

Interesting Rat Characteristics

  1. Rats take care of injured and sick rats in their group and are known to be very social.
  2. An adult rat has the ability to squeeze into your home through a hole as small as the size of a quarter.
  3. Rats teeth are so powerful that allow them to chew through glass, cinder block, wire, aluminum and lead.
  4. Known to spread nasty disease that have killed human (plague).
  5. Rats are omnivores, but many prefer meat when they can get it.
  6. They are found all over the world.
  7.  Henry Hill and 6ix9ine are Americas biggest rats.

Rat Idioms:

  • Being a rat – a person that tells on someone else.
  • Ratting on someone – someone tells on you for what you did.
  • To Smell a rat – someone who is poisonous to an enthronement.
  • Rat race – living in a toxic environment trying to get ahead.
  • Rats!

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3 months ago

I had a dream I saw a rat & then it bit my finger. Then in my boyfriend killed one with a shovel and then another one. Then I woke up.

4 months ago

I just had a brief dream about a big rat. The dream went like this, someone was trying to fill in a vehicle (am not sure) with passengers, I was standing close to that vehicle (like I was waiting for my turn to get inside and this is just the view of the dream: the opening of the vehicle) and was wondering at something (maybe where will I sit inside?) and notice a space/seat just right at the door of that vehicle and told myself “ah so this is where we will sit once everyone’s in.” Then that very scene… Read more »

Reply to  The Dreamer
4 months ago

I see, thanks for this