Dreams about Closets

What makes closet dreams highly symbolic is the idea that it relates to the psyche (psyche means the human soul, mind, or spirit) of the dreamer.

The image of the so called “closet” can considered a sub compartment of the mind, something hidden that has been stored away. The house is like a metaphoric blueprint of what has been built over time from the dreamer – memories, behaviors, emotions, experiences, principles belong here.

The closet however is an area or part of your experiences that remain hidden or closed off from your day to day life. What makes the closet in your dreams so profound it the fact it can tell you about yourself that you might be too afraid to admit.

Only you know what is in your closet. Should you still Keep Out?

Closet Dreams Meaning

Dreams like to use metaphors or idiomatic expressions as clues to get its point across, such as, “a skeleton in the closet” or “hiding in a closet” ; suggesting a hidden source of something scandalous or shameful within. Alternately, closet dreams may in fact represent talents or good qualities that need to be expressed.

An empty, white closet with clean shelves.

What is often seen or found inside the closet helps the dreamer identify with what needs to be cleaned up, fixed, or to expose. Positive dream omens about closets are often clean or empty as the past issues have been cleared out. Negative associations with closest are being locked out relating to being stuck or unable to express yourself.

Clothes In The Closet Dream

Dreaming of clothes in a closet represents the dreamers identity or image that they wear in front of others. Clothes contain a part of the mask or ego one wears in public – a symbol of confidence, sexuality and self worth, or unconscious feelings of low self worth. For the most part a closet full of clothes tell the dreamer what they might be hiding or needing to expose. See Symbolic Nature Of Clothes.

Haunted Closet Dream Meaning

Noticing a haunted closet in your dream is a negative omen relating to the dreamers inability to express how they feel. Something that has been tucked away for so long needs to come out, identified and fixed.

  • Past emotional disturbances
  • Memories that are hidden
  • Feelings of guilt or neglect
  • Past traumas, fears, hurt, helplessness or horrors (P.T.S.D) tucked away

Dreaming Of Wardrobe Meaning

In dreams we often dream of a wardrobe being large, broken, old, moving, red, or full of clothes. Wardrobes are similar to closets but the context appear differently in dreams. The condition and what is inside becomes a mirror memories, feelings, emotions and experiences that have been fixed or damaged.