Dreams of Broken Glass

Does dreams of broken glass suggest you will inherit seven years bad luck? Fortunately enough your life will be spared. Broken glass appears as metaphor reflecting aspects of your personal life that was possibly fragile is now broken. However, depending the context of your dream the meaning can alter as not all dream symbols apply to the same person.

Broken Glass Dream Meaning

To fully understand what broken glass means we will want to look at what glass represents. Glass is commonly seen as a symbol of fragility, vulnerability, brittleness and something see through. This symbol appears shattered in your dreams it brings your attention to areas in your life both mentally or physically that are broken or corrupted.

  • Relationships
  • Ideas
  • Illusions
  • Promises
  • News
  • Law
  • Mentally
  • Physically
  • Dreams
  • Image

Keep in mind to what type of glass has been broken in your dream. Alternately, whatever object depicted as ‘broken’ would be unique to you; in turn will mean something different than someone else. Broken glass can be seen with spectacles, drinking glasses, car windows and house windows. All of these symbols implies a different analysis.

Glass can act as something that protects us, somewhat like a barrier in our lives. Could it suggest you are breaking through something? These dreams might be precognitive in nature or something that recently occurred.  If you notice broken glass in your dream the location and people around you give you clues.

Broken Glass Dream Symbolism

If you notice your glasses broken (eyeglasses) are dreams about your vision, foresight and possible how you view life damaged. This is a metaphor for  obstructed sight or distortion in how you view things in life.  This is something you use everyday and is needed to function properly. Depending the state of the glasses shows you how big of the obstacles you will need to overcome.

If you notice a broken glass in your hand brings your attention to communication or work.

Stepping or walking on broken glass might suggest you will be confronted with an issue along your life’s path. During the Jewish ceremonies stepping on broken glass is symbolic. It can represent joyous occasions or destruction. How you view things, what you see and how you look might be a metaphoric representation.

Broken Glass Dreams

If you notice broken glass on the floor hints broken promises or issues to come in your life. If you notice any of your house windows broken brings your attention to the internal aspects of yourself. The house and floors are connected to your mind or unconscious mind. Something that once protected your or was a barrier has been compromised.

If you notice your car windshield broken or cracked connects to your drive or path in life. Something has interfered with properly moving forward. Your view is now obstructed.

  • Rear-view – Behind you
  • Side Mirror – Something beside you
  • Front window – Obstruction of vision
  • Back widow – Relating to your past or what’s now behind you is still a problem

If you notice a broken bottle depends what kind it was and what was contained in it. These dream can be both positive and negative symbols. Something that you hold, has an opening (feminine) and can nourish you.

If you notice your mirror that has been broken brings your focus on your image or personal reflection. A negative dream hinting at issues that need to be fixed.In ancient Greece, it was known for people to seek “mirror seers”, these are psychic who told their fortunes by analyzing there reflections. They will dip the glass into water and have the person look. If it was distorted it was a bad omen if it was clear it was good. These dream might be hinting at the emotional side of the dreamer.

Pulling out broken glass on your tongue or your teeth shattering like glass bring your attention to issues of communication. This can apply to your cell phone glass cover shattering.

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2 years ago

In my latest bizarre dream I was with a faceless man (I have come to associate this person with a guide or part of my subconscious self. “He” seems to show up quite often and is always giving some kind of advice) so the part that I wondered about is dealing with breaking glass. I have walked in on something incredibly shady being cleaned up by men in black suits. I walk back into the open part of the garage/warehouse area (All white paint) to tell the person who in this scene looks a bit like someone out of a… Read more »