Top 5 Most Controversial Dreams & The Meaning Behind Them

Have you ever experienced a dream that was so disturbing you wouldn’t even dare to search it on google? Here are 5 controversial dreams that are common, but often disturbing enough that we don’t want to admit to having them.

I mean do you really want to tell your co-workers about the romantic dream revolving around sleeping with your boss that is nearly three times your age? I know I wouldn’t.

Fears of being judged or ridiculed often tend to keep these grotesque dreams hidden in the back of your mind and never to be seen again.

The good news is your are neither crazy nor perverted, as a matter of fact it is quite the opposite… The majority of these cringeworthy dreams are more common than you think, it just we don’t understand how our unconscious communicates with us.

Just keep in mind that dreams have a tendency to deliver messages in vague packages for us to decode metaphorically.

Now with out without further ado here are some of the most controversial dreams you always wanted to know the meaning behind.

#1. Same Gender

This one seems to hit home harder for men than women.

It turns out that same sex dreams have nothing to do with repressed feelings (unless you are hiding something), rather relating to some unconscious connection you admire about that person. Perhaps this is someone who you get along with really well, has amazing style, a good sense of humor, respectable, or intelligent.

Trying to either emulate or adapt these specific traits in your life might come across metaphorically as a sexual dream.

#2. Being Violated:

These dreams can be so horrific we cannot even use the words due to googles policy guidelines. Nightmares revolving around being attacked or personally violated will often jolt the dreamer out of bed in a cold sweat. If you haven’t been a victim of this heinous act why would you be dreaming about this?

The masked man in your dream has manifested based off of your own unconscious restraint. Metaphorically speaking these horrible dreams often reflect unconscious aspects of your life that you either lack of control, being dominated, humiliated, or feel powerless in a situation. 

Alternately, according to recent studies dreams of this nature might occur help our minds prepare for such an event article: The Benefits Of Nightmares.

#3. Guilty Of Cheating?

Have you ever cheated on your partner in your dreams before? If not it would be only a matter of time before you experience it.

Believe or not cheating dreams happen to the most honest people in the world. Often times cheating dreams bring your attention to communication issues that might be lacking. Here are some theories of why we may be cheating in our dreams.

  • Dissatisfaction with our current partner
  • Repressed urges or desires acting out in our dreams (Sigmund Freud)
  • Connecting to either the feminine (animus) or masculine (anima) unconscious energy (Carl Jung)
  • Cheating with your ex? Implies past repressed memories, trying to heal and forgive, or past is repeating itself.
  • Orgy dreams? Unconscious desire or trying to do too many things at once in all different directions?

#4. Killing Someone In Your Dreams

Believe it or not killing in dreams is quite common and usually happens to the nicest people. But why? Well it turns out whenever we kill in our dream it reflects repressed anger that is not expressed in our walking life.

The emotions and feelings that are not examined usually get trapped in the dark corners of our unconscious mind only to be played out at night….(see more).

#5. Family Ties

One of the most unsettling dreams you can ever experience dream are the ones with your own family members. I don’t even want to say it… Did you know it is very common to dream of relations with your own brothers, sisters, mom and dad. Yuck! What gives?

Well it turns out that this has absolutely nothing to do with some sort of repressed urge, rather a desire or need to be closer to them. It may also symbolize anything related to forgiveness or acceptance.

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Ameerah Brito
Ameerah Brito
1 year ago

I had a dream where I noticed someone following me as I was walking at night. I felt anxious as I tried to pick my pace. A red cargo van (the picture was the closest I could find) pulled up next to me, with the sliding door opening and someone grabbed me. I screamed for help while I was trying to get free. A man ran out of a shop, trying to help me, only to be grabbed by a second person and chucked into the van while both people threw me into the van. one of the people rushed… Read more »