Dreaming of God

Whenever we encounter the image of God in our dreams we must approach this symbol very carefully as it contains multiple meaning for each individual.

Dreams have a unique ability to send us messages, warnings or affirmations metaphorically by using symbols, themes and images. The image of God is a very profound symbol that connects you to your belief system, spirituality, all authoritative powers, and “the self”.

The meaning of God in your dream may alter depending the time in someones life, their religious views, connection with the spirit, spiritual dissonance, questioning your beliefs, or needing to be saved.

Common Dreams About God:

  • Warnings from God,
  • God was talking with you,
  • Singing praises to God,
  • God revealed my husband in a dream,
  • Hearing God in your sleep;
  • Seeing Jesus, or noticing him in the clouds.

Just A Dream Or Reality?

Since dreams like to use metaphors to provide us with messages how do we really know this was an actual vision, or something entirely different. We are not ruling out the actual vision just yet, but rather providing you with alternative interpretations. For instance, we can compare dreaming of the devil to the darker parts of your personality that you are unaware of that possess you – the shadow manifests as repressed urges, behaviors and emotions.

God may appear in your dream metaphorically as a symbol of yourself reaching higher consciousness, higher truth or a personal transformation.

Next you would want to examine your belief system that drives your behaviour. This can be metaphoric to the invisible force behind your unconscious behaviors that have accumulated though out your whole life. We obtain them through things that other people say to us, what we hear on the news, things we read, or any other external forces in our lives. What do you know of being the highest truth in your life?

Could the image of God relate to a particular hierarchy or structure in your life, dealing with authority, a moral or belief system. Within this structure contains your views on the world overseen by God rule, connection with humanity, philosophical beliefs and the interaction with the universe.

If he appears in a negative manner could this reflect overcoming difficulties in your life? A call for a positive change by removing all the negative aspects that might be unconscious to you.

Alternatively, the image of God might be related to your unconscious feelings about control your life, your faith, or what God thinks of you. Are you someone that is questioning your faith at the moment?

It could be possible that God might be a representation of parts of your personality that reflects his teaching on earth. Possessing qualities such as integrity, honesty, to love to your enemies, helping the poor, or compassion for others. Is God rewarding or praising you for your work, or a symbol of inheriting these amazing qualities.

Higher Self

Could this be a dream that connected you to your higher self? Higher self is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one’s real self.  In essence this would be considered your true nature, unconditionally loving, creative, self or the core of your existence. A possible bridge that connects the conscious with the unconscious,

The Bible And Dreams

Visions of God is mentioned thirty-six times in the Bible and many are from dreams. The first time is when God tells his people that he will reveal himself to his prophets through visions, that he will speak to them in dreams. (Numbers 12:6).

If the Bible states that its possible to have a vision on God in your dreams we shouldn’t rule anything out. During REM sleep when we are in our deepest phase of sleep, our thoughts slow down as our spirit might enter a door to another dimension.

In the Bible their are many verses of God communicating with people in their dreams often in warnings, guiding and ever lasting love. Spoken in the verse Job 33:15, “In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the falleth upon men“. How about the vision of God in the first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel; or  the vision of a heavenly figure “like a son of man” in Daniel.

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1 year ago

I dreamed that I was driving and all of a sudden I saw God in the sky and then I felt like I was well hard to explain felt vibrations all over my body as if I was being sucked or lifted up and I was yelling something in reference to God and then I woke up. Never dreamed of God before this is my first time

Valerie Ratliff
Valerie Ratliff
1 year ago

I was dreaming and the devil was there causing chaos and then all at once, Jesus appeared and floated thru the hallway where I was standing. I woke up shortly afterwards

2 years ago

I dreamt that I was speaking to God or Jesus while we were standing on my balcony looking at the sky..I heard a very peaceful voice..cannot remember what was said but all of a sudden there was a white flash and God was floating in sky right in front of me..in my dream I saw myself faint then when I arose he was waving at me..he continued to wave at me until I waved back ….when I waved back to him he smiled then I woke up…I felt blessed that I was able to see him..but I was also frightened… Read more »

2 years ago

Everything around me was dark. Even the water in the bayou where there was a single boat. Me and my family were on the boat, but I notice I’m also looking down at the boat while I’m mid-air standing next to either God or Jesus Christ.