Dreams About Gold

Whenever gold appears in your dream it should be taken very seriously as it contains very powerful symbolic properties.

I know everywhere online informs people whenever you dream of gold it represents internal wealth, power and influence. Sure this might be true in some cases, but once you dig a little deeper in to the meaning of gold you will notice that this powerful element emanates something way more powerful within. Something so powerful and unique it may actually contain hidden elements relating to the afterlife, spiritual enlightenment and protection.

If gold was just a symbol of power and wealth in our dreams why does it commonly appear to be gifted to us by our dead loved ones? Even the ancient Egyptians knew its true value thus connecting it towards divine beings, afterlife, power and immortality and considered to be the skin of gods and goddesses. Though gold in dreams it takes on various forms and morphs into images such as necklaces, coins, rings, nuggets and jewelry being presented to you. What is really going on?

Have You Ever Received Gifts From The Dead? 

Gold Dream Meaning

In order to fully comprehend how powerful gold means in dreams you will first need to understand the language your dream speaks to you in. Your dream will metaphorically code the meaning of gold based off of its rich properties, color, value and history. We understand that gold is a noble metal that resists degradation by air, moisture, or acidic conditions. This means that this is an ancient symbol that has been around long before you.

  • Known to be a rare & valuable
  • Found in rivers that connects the dreamer to an emotional state
  • The color gold or yellow links with the sunrise (masculine/yang energy/light)
  • Gold came from meteorites that bombarded the planet over 200 million years after it formed. This implies it emerges from the unknown or unconscious part of the dreamer
  • If it is worth money it represents value or financial gains for the dreamer

Spiritual Meaning Of Gold In Dreams

In alchemy gold is one of the seven metals representing perfection on all levels connecting the mind, body and soul. Considered the highest development in nature and came to personify human renewal and regeneration.

In astrology gold often is used to symbolize the sun linking with inner renewal and transformation. The image of gold in our dreams illuminates the spirit as one of the highest stages of spiritual development. The first is black (shadow side of the dreamer) sin or fault; than transforms to white – purity and remission; then red – vitality and passion.

The color gold/yellow may also be associated with the solar plexus charka or third chakra – Sanskrit, translates to, “city of jewels” responsible for personality, ego, and identity, personal freedom, confidence, and authenticity. In dreams the gold might imply that this blocked chakra responsible for anxiety, fear and emotional distress is now lifted.

Are You Dreaming Of Gold Coins, Jewelry, Necklace?

Anything that is worn on the human body in our dreams contains high value represents finding an unconscious treasure. Gold in our dream implies our integrity or sense of inner completion, even the eternal aspect of self or the essential true core of ourselves.

Necklaces are know in dreams to connect with the throat or communication whereas gold rings (see circle) connects towards enlightenment. To dream of gold earrings directs links to the shape of the spiral – a profound image that connects with the self (see spiral).

To dream of either gold coins or bars represents finding something within that contains value. This might be applying to spirituality, wisdom, knowledge that will benefit you greatly.

Dreaming Of A Golden Snake

A golden snake in your dream might in fact be connected to awakening your spiritual energy that is dormant within. The sun being the masculine and earth is the feminine, the golden snake mirrors the sun rays similar to Inti the sun god in the Inca culture. Also connects to the sun god Ra believed to be association with the creations of the earth in ancient Egyptian mythology. The golden snake that emerges in your dream encourages you to explore your inner energies being activated. See kundalini.

Receiving or Losing Gold In Dreams

If you are receiving gold in your dream it suggests that you have been chosen or gifted something of value. This can equate to both you inner and outer worlds, what themes, people or locations that emerge paints a picture leading you towards the gold.

Losing gold in your dream can be considered a negative omen resulting in loss of something valuable to you. These sorts of dreams may act a warning or a clue how to protect yourself from people or things that are draining this valuable source.

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