Electricity Dreams

Electricity is a mysterious incomprehensible entity which is invisible and visible, both at the same time. Dreaming of electricity brings your attention to energy transformation, conscious shift or a dangerous threat.

This powerful symbol becomes metaphoric to either, ‘shock’ or bring enlightenment to the dreamer.  Depending the context electricity can be sway between a positive or negative meaning. Once the switch has been turned on be prepared for an awakening.


Dreams about being electrocuted from a live wire or lightening can have two different meanings. A live wire is dangerous hinting at something or someone around you that has the ability to harm.

These are messages to proceed with caution. If you where shocked by a wire suggests being careless or letting the person effect you. Having to be struck by lightening suggest uncontrolled energy; emotions pent up and aggressive behavior.

The strike could bring your focus on personal understanding. According to Carl Jung he believed anything that lightening strikes something is considered a transformation.

Electric Chair

Dreaming about being in an electrical chair shows you that your actions have consequences. You have been arrested, tried by a judge and sentenced to the chair. The chair could also suggest forced change as you are held against your will; the symbol of death and rebirth. The old ways no longer serve, however there might be some resistance.

Transformation & Kundalini

Kundalini in Hinduism is a form of divine energy (or shakti) believed to be located at the base of the spine. Dreams about electricity might have a connection between the energy shifts once may experience during an awakening process.

This divine force that is made up of the feminine, creative and infinite wisdom. The coiled snake that resides at the root travels though out the spinal column passes though all the 7 chakras before enlightenment.

  • Conscious shift
  • Energy Healing
  • Divine Purpose
  • Intuition or psychic energy 
  • Higher vibration frequency 

Lightning Dream Symbolism

Sudden discharge of tension, important changes maybe for good or bad. Coming from the sky (Gods) suggest sudden realization or awakening. The uncertainty and unpredictability of lightening shows you fears of being punished.

The outcome of this event will be fast as electricity travels at 6,696,000 miles per hour. If the lightening struck someone you know implies possible danger or pent up emotional release; anger or feelings. They can be powerful instinctual drives that one inherits, possibly relating to puberty.

  • Upcoming changes
  • Sexuality (puberty)
  • Released tension
  • Eureka
  • Knowledge or new found awareness

Emotional Charge:
You are an excellent conductor, and if you’re in contact with the water when lightning hits, you’ll probably be electrocuted. Water brings your attention to the emotional side of the dreamer. Possible manifestation of repressed emotions that are released.

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Tim L
Tim L
4 years ago

I had a dream where a electrician and a gas man came to my house. They went out to my tool shed and started to move the ladder. This is where it gets odd. My dead grandmother was underneath the ladder as he was replacing a light bulb and showing me. My grandmother was talking to me about the spiritual life but I wasn’t able to gather all the words. The man fixed the problem and was playing around with me with the live wire. I wanted him to move it out as I was not wanting in my face,… Read more »