Gorilla Dream Meaning

Contrary to popular belief gorillas are actually quite peaceful that love to laugh and are family oriented. Unlike Hollywood’s depiction as ferocious beast that will rip your head off at the slightest provocation.

So why are these large primates that inhabit the jungle of central Sub-Saharan Africa randomly showing up in your dreams?

Gorillas are very symbolic images in our dreams that emerge only when we are faced with a powerful force that we tend to repress in our lives. The jungle represents the uninhabited areas that is hardly explored, where you can get lost if you are not careful – the emotional unconscious side of the dreamer.

Gorilla Dream Meaning

The meaning of the gorilla manifests differently depending if you are male or female – a powerful energy that needs to either be overcome or integrated.

Due its close proximity to the human DNA roughly 95% to 99% implies these are unconscious traits, urges or instincts that might be undeveloped, wild, or primitive that need your attention.

The majority of Gorilla Dreams revolve around them either chasing, attacking, noticing, angry, or watching babies.

Gorilla Dream Symbolism

  • A powerful authoritative force,
  • Family, community and protective,
  • Leadership, compassion and loyalty,
  • Like to make themselves heard,
  • Very playful and curious, but angry when in their territory.

Gorilla Dreams: Ladies Only!

The majority of “gorilla dreams” are often experienced more in females than males. The reason why this particular image resonates within girls is the fact it represents a protective or dominating force that has power over your movements – father or husband.

May this be a symbol that encourages you to reflect on the relationships that could be controlling or protective. It is known that that the head of the troop or  (family) the oldest and strongest adult male is usually dominate over the female. Thus the intimidating force of the gorilla becomes unconscious to you encouraging you to examine the connection between to opposite forces.

If you don’t see any comparisons another possibility would be to examine your masculine side. Since the psyche is androgynous it could suggest to integrate or incorporate a more aggressive approach in life. To stand your ground, to beat your chest letting others know to stay away from your territory. Your dream will provide you with clues such as locations and people around you when the gorilla rears it head (see below).

Since dream symbol have a tendency to be quite deep and metaphoric we can look at the gorilla as a mirror of your instinctual sexual urges or instincts. These feelings are not accepted yet and remain hidden deep and tangled in your mind. In essence you must come to grips with these unwanted feelings by making them conscious in your life.

Gorilla Dreams: From Boys To Men

The gorilla might be a representation or a dominance or power struggle with the father. If the gorilla becomes aggressive it might be metaphoric for challenging  power structure of the family unit. Confronting this issues might cause resistance, hence the irate nature of the gorilla, possibly be beating its cheat to show who is in charge. Screams and roars signal alarm or warning, and are produced most often by silverbacks that could mirror being provoked.

If this doesn’t ring a bell maybe you can investigate unconscious primal urges, behaviors or repressed instincts. The jungle and the gorilla can be seen as the unknown animistic parts that are not fully integrated yet.

Due to its large stature, this can sometimes also symbolize acquiring strength, to stand up in the face of fear and danger, as you gracefully live your life.

They are known to bite, attack or chase you when you have ignored or repressed these feelings.

Gorilla Characteristics Tips

  1. Researchers have discovered that 99% of their charges are bluffs; they never want to fight just to be left alone retreating to a safe distance.
  2. Gorillas are mostly herbivores and eat plants. The plants they eat include leaves, stems pith, fruit – they never want to hurt or kill.
  3. Usually travel only about 0.5 to 1 km (0.3 to 0.6 mi.) per day. Something that stays close to home.
  4. Gorillas spend about 14 hours feeding and foraging and about ten hours resting every day.
  5. Display hands and feet like humans including opposable thumbs and big toes.