Dreaming of Grapes

Did you know that grapes are considered berries that were cultivated around 6,000 BCE and  date as far back as 65 million years.

Dreaming of grapes is considered a powerful omen connecting you to abundance, prosperity, happiness and fertility. This delicate yet tasty fruit has emerged in your dreams for a specific reason, comparable to the Bible a grape is not just a berry, but something that can transform into another useful property.

Grape Dream Meaning

Grapes encourage the dreamer to think metaphorically similar to its own transformation to vinegar, raisins and of course wine. This is a sophisticated symbol like the apple, the grape is a unique fruit that has a significant amount of magic associated with it.

Grape Symbolism In Dreams:

  • What has the ability in your life to transform?
  • Benefiting from success.
  • Multiple development
  • The vine extends, fertility and abundance.
  • Enjoyment, love and relationships.

 Grape Dreams: The Sacred Source

Could the grapes mean more than just success and abundance? In ancient traditions grapes were represented an awakening of the soul, to follow the right path from disillusion into enlightenment. Maybe it was represented similar to how grapes transform into wine thus making us feel happy and social.

What about  in Greek mythology the god Dionysus and the Roman Bacchus always associating grapes with wine. Why is it that no other plant is mentioned more times in the Bible than the grape? In the Bible grapes symbolize more than just wealth and abundance, but a representation of blood of Christ.

Fruit was especially important to people in biblical times as being rewarding for living a fruitful or faithful life. You can use the symbol of the vine to further your connection with the divine – strength, determination, and survival. For instance, think about how the grape vine grows in the most unlikely places, alternatively reflecting your ability to survive all odds.

Ancient mythological text or verses in the Bible help you metaphorically extract the juice from the grape to provide you with the right nutrients. Similar to the language in our dreams it mirrors wealth, success and fruitfulness, though you will need to find out where.

Eating Grapes In Dream Meaning

Eating grapes in your dreams represents being rewarded in abundance from your hard work.

The rich benefits of grapes is another example of why this fruit is symbolic. It’s ability to prevent chronic diseases, lower pressure and packed with high antioxidants suggests you will be rewarded eternally for your success.

The color of grapes might seem insignificant in your dream but it could mirror the main energy centers of the body. Also referred to as chakras the color red, purple and green are closely related to the root, crown and heart.

Red grapes  might be depicted in your dream for being grounded, passionate and vibrant. Eating a green grape could bring you closer to your heart suggesting that it might be opening. The purple grape connects you to the divine, the universe, spirituality and consciousness.

  • Benefits in multiples
  • Making something more valuable
  • Financial prosperity
  • Fulfilling unconscious emotional desires

Grape Dreams: Trees, Bunches, Vines

Grapes are the type of fruit that has the ability to grow in multiples of 15 to 300. What does that tell you? These tight clusters found on trees become symbolic for future growth that can reflect outer success or inner happiness.

Trees in our dreams can be seen as  ancient symbol of life, with the roots firmly grounded in the soil, as the branches reach for the heavens. If the grapes are hanging from the tree or vine it mirrors ‘the fruit of the earth’ as you will prosper from it.

This ancient symbol is also seen on the hieroglyphs in the Egyptian tombs suggesting that they were familiar with the production of wine.

Grapes that are falling from the tree suggests that you must act fast or else something will spoil. The location and people around you will provide you with clue.

Spoiled or crushed grapes could be a symbol of success or disappointment. If you are crushing grapes it suggests you are in the position to turn something into greater value.

Fun Facts:

  1.  You can grow grapes almost anywhere in the country
  2. If you microwave a sliced grape, it can explode in a fireball of superheated plasma.
  3. There are grapes that taste like cotton candy.
  4. There are grapes shaped like long peppers called, “Witch Finger Grapes”.
  5. Armenians are credited to be the earliest growers of grapes