Dreams about Groceries

Groceries are symbolic in our dreams because the dreamer only enters these places when they are in search from something in their lives.

But what exactly do you need to pick up that will benefit you in the future?

Why you are dreaming of grocery stores?

Since the grocery store contains the iconic symbol of food, it brings your attention towards the things in your life that needs to be metaphorically nourished. Now the trick is to figure out if this is something that connects with your heart, mind or soul. The good news is your dream will provide you with enough clues that will point in a particular direction.

Grocery & supermarket common themes

  • receiving groceries
  • working in a supermarket
  • grocery shopping or shopping with someone
  • grocery bags or shopping cart
  • lost groceries or empty supermarket

Hidden meaning of grocery dreams

Dreams can be more obvious than you think, in fact dreaming of a grocery can be as simple definition relating to your health. Sometimes groceries appear in our dreams hinting at a change of diet or encouraging you to have a healthier life style.

Furthermore, the dreamer must reflect on their lives in what they might be in search for at the moment because depending on what you pick up or buy inside becomes a clue. Keep in mind that groceries in general have a lot of options for you to explore and absorb making this a very symbolic dream symbol pointing at choices in your life.

Receiving groceries in our dreams

If you receive groceries in your dream it is a very positive omen that you will be gifted something valuable from others. Strangely enough, we often receive food from our dead loved ones that represents new advancements & luck.

It really boils down to who gives you the groceries and what is stored inside. Anything that gives our mind, body and soul nourishment is always seen as a positive omen.

Grocery store dream meaning

Noticing a grocery store in your dream represents new found fortune and sustenance and energy. If you see or hold a grocery bag in your dream it becomes a symbol of valuable things you carry with you in your life.

Dreaming of a shopping cart represents finding what you need that would be make for use in the future. What do you remember picking up? If the supermarket is empty in your dreams it tells you about your inability to find what you are looking for that is unable to provide nourishment.