Dreams About Giving

Giving dream meaning

People offer gifts as a way of showing thoughtfulness, love and affection. When we give gifts in our dreams it becomes a positive omen about you sharing your positive energy and joy to others.

The mere fact that giving gifts to others makes us feel good inside, your dream about giving represents being rewarded internally (dopamine and endorphin) in brain areas by something you are doing.

Depending what you are giving and to whom alters the meaning of what gift in your life you are passing on to others.

What it means to give birth in your dreams

Dreams about giving birth are actually very positive omens that represents an inner rebirth or new beginnings in your life. Babies in dreams often signify that you are giving a metaphorical birth to something that will develop into something special in the future. It is common to give birth to both boy and girls, symbolic in the sense it attaches itself to the type of development; masculine & feminine traits that is unraveling.

What does it mean to give someone money in the dream?

To dream of giving money to someone in your dream represents helping others gain success, energy, knowledge, wealth and self worth. The knowledge that you have obtained in the past you are sharing to help others mirror the same qualities.

We are know to receive money from the dead in our dreams but has a different meaning when its the other way around. If you give money to a dead relative in your dream it represents paying respect to them in the afterlife. By offering something of value to things that are dead might also suggest what you may have learned from this person is now being passed on to your family.

If you dream of giving money to beggars symbolizes giving energy to the neglected parts of your personality that remains unconscious to you.  By giving money away to the homeless in your dream is a positive omen that connects you towards new growth and acceptance.

Are you giving food away in our dream?

In dreams food is more valuable than money. In fact it is quite rare to give food away in our dreams so expect that what you are doing in your walking life will pay off. Food in dreams represents physical and emotional & spiritual nourishment and positive energy; the type of food will alter the meaning.

If you are giving food to a dead person to a dead person in your dream represents a connection you have with this person in the afterlife. The dead are known to give us food and when its the other way around you are both benefiting.

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Dream Of Giving Someone