Garden Dream Meaning

What does it mean to dream of a garden?

Since dreams speak to us in symbols and metaphors the garden in your dream becomes a part of you that has the potential to grow and flourish.

What exactly could the garden in your dream mean?

The Garden In Your Dream will manifest differently depending the person, usually mirroring how they are progressing along their life’s journey. The garden can represent both the inner and outer world of the dreamer; symbolically connected with spirituality or a cultivation of your talents.

Inside the garden contains mysterious clues that will help determine if you should be giving more attention and care to this matter or you will receive an abundance of positive energy.

Common dreams about gardens

  • a flower garden or beautiful landscape
  • noticing the garden full of vegetables
  • seeing an abundance of flowers
  • a garden with green plants
  • dreams about a garden being destroyed
  • botanical or over grown garden

Did you dream of a garden full of vegetables?

Depending what vegetables stood out in your dream will slightly alter the meaning. Dreams about vegetables are positive omens relating your health and well-being. To dream of vegetables in your garden reflects a new balance with your mind, body and soul connection.

Since vegetables are considered positive energy once ingested, your dream hints at being rewarded from your hard work in the past. If you dream of getting a vegetable garden it suggests good luck and help from someone who will make something grow for you.

Seeing green plants in a garden?

Dreaming of Plants can be seen as a symbol of new found growth and development in your life. By seeing green plants in your garden implies you have waited for the right time for this moment to flourish; symbolically connected to relationships, business, spirituality and your connection with your higher self.

The dreamer may notice anything from pot plants, uprooting plants, broken, seeing plants, different varieties and colors in the garden.

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Flowers in the garden meaning

In dreams flowers in a garden can be seen as a positive symbol connecting you to growth, flourishing, beauty and fertility; but also relating to things that are short lived.

Flowers are known to reflect good luck for the dreamer as well relate to the female organ. Whatever flourishes in your life will be seen by others and they will be attracted by their senses to you.

Garden being destroyed in dreams

A garden that is destroyed in your dreams is considered a negative omen that alters depends who destroys this beautiful place. If the dreamer destroys the garden in their dream it represents self sabotaging behaviors related to both inner and outer growth. This may be related to your inner world or feelings; the real you, your memories and growing area, or the personal attributes, potential and characteristics.

Someone who destroys a garden in your dream suggests a violation of your peace and inner growth in life. The good news is that gardens grow back but would need some attention given towards it.

Greenhouse dream meaning

Greenhouses in dreams are known to be positive symbols that represents a protective or closed off area that has been created by you in order to grow. Greenhouses use the energy from the SUN; masculine or yang energy in order to cultivate what will develop in your life.

What does it mean to dream about a beautiful garden?

A beautiful garden in your dream represents balance, inner beauty and perhaps creativity or an abundance of positive energy you have harvested within.

Biblical meaning of garden in dreams

The Biblical meaning of a garden in our dream may represent your connection with an earthly paradise or perhaps Gods plan for us. The garden may also be used to illustrate divine judgment of sin and the gut-wrenching struggles with life’s miseries.