Dreaming of Legs

I wouldn’t want to start this interpretation off on the wrong foot but legs always seem to appear negatively in our dreams. Almost everybody has experienced being chased in a dream but you are unable to move your legs. Well these symbolic images become a part of the dreamers stability, confidence, balance, movement, or confidence.

So why do our legs always end up either being weak, wounded, amputated, or sometimes shorter than another? The image of your legs in your dreams tend to have more to do with your progress, or inability to move forward in your life.

Leg Dream Meaning

These two limbs play a vital role in moving the body forward in life, they are your foundation that gets you from point A to B. Legs inform the dreamer if their seems to be an internal problem that is stunting you from progressing. The meaning of legs is similar to cars in our dreams as they both donate future progress or drive in life.

What could that be exactly? Since dreams use particular themes or images as metaphoric clues relating to setbacks in your life. The meaning instantly changes depending how the leg is presented to the dreamer. Furthermore, if the right foot is noticed it suggests.

 Leg Dream Symbolism: 

  • Financial or money issues,
  • Confidence and strength,
  • Unable to stand up for yourself,
  • Negative associations with your support systems,
  • Relating to advancement and personal movement.

Broken Leg Dream Meaning

Talk about having one foot out the door. Dreaming of a broken leg implies setbacks or delays in your life that is hindering your progress from moving forward. The location and people around you will help give you a clue where this might be originating.

Reflecting parts of your life where things are broken that is stopping your progress. Do you know what that could be? This is something that needs to be fixed internally, to rest and reflect before you are more stable to move again.

Amputated Dream Meaning

These dreams tend to be extremely vivid and disturbing as you noticed you are unable to move like you once did. Could the be reflecting a part of you that is missing that once helped you move forward in life? Might it suggest you are trying to cope with an internal or external loss?

When we lose limbs in our dream it is often a reflection of losing a part of us, however only the dreamer can decode the meaning. If someone is cutting your legs off suggests you will be affected by other people’s decisions. Alternatively the meaning of losing limbs alters depending the factors that caused it from occurring, why it happened, and your reaction to it.

If you dream of someone else legs being amputated suggests a lack of balance or movement in their lives. Perhaps you are picking up on a part of them that is missing. Maybe it suggests an ending to their personal drive or a change in lifestyle.

Open Wound, Damaged, Pain or Swollen

Dreaming of an open wound implies an inability to heal internally, you are still hurt by what had happened in the past. Your dream is wanting you to take the time and heal so you can heal your mind, body and soul.

If you notice that your leg is damaged it suggests how you are enduring the struggle and hardships in your life. If your legs are damaged representing a distortion your balance and mobility in your life. If your legs are damaged it makes it harder to move forward.

A swollen or pain in your leg might imply that you are overworked, working the wrong way, not able to rest, or feeling stuck.

Dream Of Hair On Legs

As unusual as these dream might come across they are actually quite common. Hair is often associated with growth and advancement (legs) in your life. Alternatively these dreams can symbolize feelings of embarrassment and exposing part of who you are to others. How you react to your hairy legs in your dream will determine your comfort level.

Snake Bite On Legs

Snakes are commonly known to sneak up the dreamer and bite them either on their left or right legs.  Snakes can be seen as enemies or unconscious behaviors that will stop your movement from advancing.

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Al l
Al l
1 year ago

Just dreamed of laying in a chair getting a tattoo on my leg, unsure what the tattoo was but it had multiple colors. Then at the end I started watching a football game on tv while the unrecognizable man was finishing my tattoo. Once I looked back to see how it looked, there was a knife in my leg and it seemed like it was supposed to happen and that it was “part of the tattoo” for some reason. He took it out then meticulously put it back in where he already stabbed me, but I was freaking out telling… Read more »

3 years ago

Interesting. I dreamed of very, long haired legs. At first, even in the dream I thought it was because I dont shave my legs and that is considered unattractive. But, in my dream I just kept looking at all the long hairs on my legs. And I kinda just thought … yes, its not what other ppl like. But if this is what my legs are. Thats what my legs are. I still, in my dream, refused to shave my legs. F*** You.