Eyes Dream Meaning

Dreaming of eyes can be considered a very symbolic image connecting us to our soul. Similar to many ancient cultures the eye is understood to be a symbol of good, evil, protection, vision, knowledge, wisdom and mystery. This is not your phyical eye were you detect light and images on the outside, but a metaphor representing unconscious things from within.

In our dreams eyes can be displayed in many various ways such as one eye falling out, bleeding eyes; or noticing bright blue eyes on someone. This powerful image contains both a positive or negative symbol depending the context of your dream.

Could this be a symbol that connects us to our own inner sight (third eye); metaphoric to looking, watching, viewing, seeing and awareness?

Eye Dream Meaning

Depending the context the symbol of eyes can be both a positive and negative omen. Observing the people, locations and feelings pertaining with eyes will provide you with a clue to help you decode.

The metaphoric nature of eyes in our dream might also imply the spiritual side to the dreamer. As Carl Jung said “Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes.” … though your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.

Paying attention to the ones who give you a bad eye – the negative energy that can effect your mood; our the greedy aspects that you or others inherit.

  • Eye for an eye
  • Apple in ones eye
  • Birds eye view
  • Catch someone’s eye
  • Crying eyes out
  • Turning a blind eye
  • Not seeing eye to eye
  • Keeping an eye out

One Eye Dream Meaning

A symbol of “the all seeing” commonly connected with the The Eye of Providence, or the all-seeing eye of God. If you are missing an eye in your dream suggest you might not be looking at things clearly; an inability to see, or partially blinded in areas in your life.

A sign to pay attention to what is beside you, to investigate. One eye might be connected with inner work or soul searching. The bible states “The light of the body is the eye: if. therefore thine eye be single, thy. whole body shall be full of light.

Pitch Black Eye Dream 

Dreaming of a pitched black eye could connect you to your shadow – the unknown dark aspects of yourself. Though due to the heavy influence of black eyes Hollywood uses to depict someone with no soul might influence your dreams.

Losing Eye In Dream Meaning

If you have lost your eye in your dream it suggests something in your life is causing you to be temperately blind. These can be aspects of your self, emotions and relationships that are blinded. What are you losing sight over?

Changing Eye Color In Dreams

Eyes that change color from blue and green could be unconscious desires to be exotic. Blue eyes are a symbol of protection, positive energy and good karma. Green eyes are a sign of a curious about mother nature, passionate relationships, and positive outlook on life.

Glowing Eyes In Dream Meaning

Often times glowing eye occur to get the dreamers attention. Glowing white eye can suggest purity and innocence depending the context. Glowing red is usually a symbol of anger, passion or blood – vampires or aspects of your shadow.

Closed Eye And Driving Dream

Dreaming of your eyes closed when driving brings your focus on your life path; that in which you are blinded. A metaphor you are moving ahead in you life and not being able to use your senses. You are blinded, unable to see or view ahead of you.

Injury To Eye In Dream

These dreams suggest your senses will be effected. Your awareness to a particular situation; how you view something is hindered. How and who injured is can also help you find where the issue is coming from.

Eyeliner Dream Meaning

A symbol that you are changing the way you look at things in your life. Most dream involve putting on eyeliner that might bring your attention to look at something or related to your image.

Empty Socket Dream Meaning

Often times horror movies have an effect on your dreams. Noticing an empty socket connects to aspects of yourself you ignore, not wanting to face or see – a nightmarish dream setting.

Bleeding Eyes In Dreams

Blood is often a symbol of fire, passion, anger , life force or vitality. The connection between the life blood and eyes suggest pain or suffering taking place in your life. A symbol to look within; seeing things harshly in life.  If you notice someone else eyes are red might represent aspects of yourself that are ignored. Keep in mind that horror movies and images tend to influence our dreams.

No Eyes In Dreams

Having no eyes reflects parts of yourself that you cannot see within or how you see others. You will have to reflect in areas in your life that are blinded.

Eyes Falling Out In Dreams

Similarly to teeth when eyes fall out they suggest a temperately loss of vision. This might be aspects of yourself or how you see the world. Could it suggest the phase when someone is catching your eyes, or the eyes are  popping out of your head?

Stuck Shut In Dreams

Something or someone is obstructing your vision; the awareness you possess. Being unable to see certain things in your life; or possibly not wanting to see something.  The location and the people around you will give you a clue where to investigate.

Three Eyes Dream

A dream of three eyes brings your attention to awareness and intuition. A metaphor for the third eye – the mystical and esoteric belief of a speculative invisible eye, usually depicted as located on the forehead, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.

Swollen Eye Dream

Dreaming of a swollen eye brings your attention to blocked ideas, thoughts and situations that are in front of you. You are unable to see properly in this situation – an internal issue that effects how you are around others. The feeling you experienced will reflect this situation.

Evil Eye

These dreams brings your attention to protection; or someone who has bad intentions. Evil eye in depth analysis.