Lake Dream Meaning

Lake dream meaning

Anytime water appears in our dreams whether it be a large body such as an ocean, or something as small as your neighbourhood pool — the iconic image of water points towards the dreamers emotions.

Unlike the vast ocean in our dreams that bridges the unconscious conscious emotions, the lake however contains a very mysterious and spiritual properties within it.

The lake in our dream represents the feminine energy, a powerful symbol of sexuality that contains a deeper meaning if the dreamer is male. What cannot be seen underneath in our dreams becoems home to the mystical side of the dreamer that needs to be explored. Another powerful meaning of what a lake represents in our dreams would reflect abundance and fertility, but can also be a symbol of death and rebirth within the dreamer.

How the lake appears provides many clues to help point the dreamer closer to the meaning.

Spiritual meaning of lakes in dreams

To properly understand the true significance of the lake in your dream you will first need to break down overlooked details such the stillness, mood and color.

One of the reasons why the lake connects to fertility would be due to the fact that fish are inseparable from the lake. Fish in our dreams is known to be one of the most iconic symbols that connects with spiritual side of the dreamer. The fish are like messengers within the water that come from the unconscious mind — just because you may not have seen them in your dream you might be getting closer to this hidden part of you.

The lake also has a strong connection with the dreamers sense of idenity. Taking into consideration its reflecting power, the lake in your dream become a mirror for self-contemplation as well as a chance for revelation. In a psychological sense the lake in your dream can also be seen as a creative source of power.

Did you swim in the lake?

Swimming in a lake in your dream symbolizes a rebirth within the dreamer; a connection with the unconsciousness and divinity. Swimming in dreams is a very positive sign that tranquility and calmness will soon emerge in your life.

Lake dream meaning

If the lake is calm in your dream it becomes a positive omen reflection the mind of the dreamer. Unlike the oceans rough and turbulent waves that donates emotional imbalance, a calm lake reflects tranquility and mystery. Whenever the dreamer swims or observes in the lake at night it becomes more mysterious; a connection with unconscious feminine and the forceful yin energy, the dreamer is now becoming balanced.

Another positive symbol would emerge when the dreamer will notice a beautiful lake. In our dream a beautiful lake represents a part of the mind that is responsible for the creative, tranquility and divine. It’s natural beauty reflects some area of the dreamer that is now becoming explored.

Difference between a pond and a lake

In our dream there is a major difference between a pond and a lake — ponds in our dreams are often seen as symbols of transformation because of its connection with frogs, tadpoles, koi fish etc.. The pond in your dream emerges when change is on the horizon. Drowning in a pond in your dream suggests that this particular area in your life is emotionally consuming you stopping you from transitioning.

Biblical meaning of lake in dreams

The lake of fire appears in both ancient Egyptian and Christian religion as a place of after-death punishment of the wicked. The bible makes reference to the lake with Luke 5:1 And it came to pass, that, as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret. However, in Revelation 20:14 “And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire“.

The biblical meaning of a lake in your dreams can go either way depending the context; a lake filled with fire would be a negative omen, but one that is peaceful and calm connects you to the higher source.

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6 months ago

I dreamt large water dam with high walls. I was on the high wall looking over the large dam and found my husband swimming. He wanted to swim from one side to the other, unbeknowns to me. Then I observed a large great white coming for him to attack him. He then swam back with some injuries but survived. I was terrified and upset to observe this from way up high.

6 months ago

I don’t remember all the details about this dream. I remember 3 men pushed me down the river bank at my home village, I was with a guy I want to believe he was my boyfriend in that dream, so one of the 3 wanted me to be his girlfriend I refused and he pushed. The river was dry. I fell down from the top and the one I was with wanted to cry, they wanted to attack him and I said leave him and face me because I’m the one you want and they left me there.. The river… Read more »

Dovie loring
Dovie loring
1 year ago

This morning I had a dream were my friend was placed in a creek and her baby was placed on top of her and was pushed away my friend was dead the baby was a live but as they floated down the river they passed a woman and a child and they pulled the baby out of the lake face down but she was alive when brought out of the water, this happened twice in my dream.

Kellina meierotto
Kellina meierotto
2 years ago

I dreamt I had a little boy we went to a swimming pool I believe this little boy was my son cuz I felt a great love for him when the boy got into the water, he turned into a sheet of glass, went under the water , as a sheet of glass, swimming. I was worried becuz he’d been under water longer than normal.i yelled to a friend to look out for him. At that time, the boy came to surface in pool, I yelled for him to swim to me. I was proud he could hold his breath… Read more »