Dreams About Losing Things

Are you dreaming of losing something important?

Dreaming about losing something important to us represents emotional inconveniences when something is taken away in our lives.  If you remember most of your dream it will provide you with enough clues to help you find what might be metaphorically misplaced in your life.

Based off of what you are losing in your dream it will help determine whether this is an internal or external problem that needs to be found. The  emotions that are expressed in your dream will reflect these inner feeling towards this particular situation – annoyed, scared, anxiety, angry and frustration are common emotions expressed.

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Symbols that we lose in dreams

  • car
  • teeth or hair
  • shoes
  • child
  • money
  • losing a handbag than finding it

Did you end up losing your car in dreams?

Cars are symbolic in the sense they are attached to our own personal drive and our journey though out life. When you dream of losing your car it represents setbacks in your life that are stopping your progress from moving forward.

Essentially, by losing your car in your dream tells you the loss of control and freedom you will encounter from this matter.

Losing teeth and hair in dreams

Losing teeth in our dreams is common symbol that some might connect this to your inner strength, communication and power in life. Some might say teeth dreams represents death or some sort of loss of someone close to you.

If you are losing hair in your dream it often points to your image or lack of understanding in life. Hair in our dreams can be seen as something growing from our mind, a metaphor relating to wisdom – connects with the way you are thinking, your self image and attitudes.

I dreamt of losing my shoes?

Shoes are symbolic in dreams because they provide us protection, stability and balance in our lives; a link to your movements and how you navigate in life. Losing shoes in your dream represents a slow down in these areas in your life.

A symbol that tells you about your inability to have a clear mind when approaching a situation. Alternatively, losing a shoe might also imply losing, or losing sight of the skills or strength to manage what you face.

Losing handbag or purse in dreams

Anything that we keep with us at all times and is very personal becomes a very symbolic image of a part of us. Now whenever we lose our wallets, purses or handbags in our dreams it points to a loss of inner control and self identity.

To dream of losing your handbag and finding it again represents leaving aspects of your true self away from others; but this is only to be found again. It becomes a positive omen that you will recover from the value that was lost.

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Anne Mwangi
Anne Mwangi
1 year ago

Hi just woken up,n I remember I have just dreamt having a baby girl and named her after my late Mum,thecsad thing thing is each time I breedfest her she vomits…worrying part I see my self on my mother’s bed while I hold my bundle of joy,I can see my son in the dream he is so happy,but on my side am worried the baby isn’t keeping the milk while I feed her because of the vomit, some one please interprate this for me..thank you.