Lizard Dream Meaning

Lizards are cold-blooded reptiles that are closely affiliated with snakes. Despite their obvious differences they share similar characteristics in their behavior and instincts which needs to be closely examined in your dream.

What should spark your interest is the fact they date as far back as 200 million years and are found everywhere except Antarctica. Their vision is well-developed and has the unique ability to camouflage in with its surroundings.

They seldom appear in myths and folklore around the world representing resurrection, though in our dreams these enigmatic creatures have a duel meaning. Depending how the lizard manifests in your dream determines whether this is a symbol that brings you luck or misfortune.

Lizard Dream Analysis

In order to properly decode the meaning of your dream we must first examine the specific type of lizard that emerged. Even though there are approximately 5,000 various types you are more than likely going to encounter the most common types.

However each individual type carries a distinct appearance that distinguishes itself from the rest. Their unique characteristics can be translated metaphorically, for instance, a Chameleon brings your attention to something in disguised.  Furthermore you would need to examine how you interacted with it – did this pose as a threat or did you kill it?

 How Lizards Appear In Dreams:

  • They are know to bite, attack or jump on you,
  • Often seen inside your home,
  • Noticing a dead lizard,
  • Or killing a lizard.

Lizards Dreams: Positive Omens

Lizards may appear in your dream as positive omens linking the dreamer to luck, transformation, regeneration, instincts, energy and adaptability. A positive interaction with the lizard is often seen as noticing one, or one possibly jumping on you.

It is for this reason that they must shed their skin regularly to allow for proper growth. This process is known as ecdysis is when lizards shed their skin regularly to allow growth reflects your own transformation in your life. They have a unique ability to regrow their tails that suggests regrowth or new beginnings in your life.

These sun worshipers need the suns rays to live as they are cold blooded. This might be metaphoric for absorbing masculine energy in your life – balance of the feminine and masculine energies.

Equip with movable eyelids and a parietal eye, also known as a third eye to help them find or navigate their way to survive. They might appear as a messenger to trust your intuition and second sight.

Geckos, iguanas or green lizards can be considered positive symbol unless they do not bite or attack. Related to rebirth and life cycles, intuition, and  the circling of energy.

Lizard Dreams: The Negative Omen

Dreams of lizards either attacking, biting, or found inside your home can relate your primitive side or the people who could pose a threat in your life. They are not as lethal as the snake but can different be trouble if not understood.

In mythology of the Bura people of Nigera connected the lizard with the ‘trickster archetype”, sort of like a new age term “troll”. The ability to change color and blend into their surrounds suggests that this problem is not easy to spot, just as Mystique from X – Man tricks the person by being someone else. Do you know who this could be? The location of your dream and people around are clues provided to help you understand the meaning.

Maybe the lizard represents aspects parts of your personality that is cold blooded (shadow), primitive instincts, or unconscious behaviors that you are unaware of. It may attack and bite when these traits are not recognized within. If it is found in your house (psyche/mind) it might lead you to examine parts of yourself, or a possible threat that is from effected your mental.

It should be noted that they move very quick when they are going to attack. They can run on two feet (human)thus reflecting someone or something that will hide and hit you when you least expect. They are not venomous but still can create trouble in your life.

Killing Lizard Dreams

Noticing a dead lizard or killing one can be considered a positive symbol suggesting you have disarmed this potential threat in your life. Due to its duel interpretation it might suggest an ending phase in your life, or inability to regrow.

Lizard Metaphoric Symbolism:

  1. Chameleon known to blend in with its surroundings.
  2. Lizard is not dangerous unless its a Komodo dragon – seen as a symbol of danger but wisdom.
  3. A monitor lizard have forked tongues, which they can sense thing coming (instincts); yet its closer related to the snake then any other lizard in its class. Relating to communication speaks with a forked tongue” means to purposely say one thing and mean another or, being hypocritical, or to act in a duplicitous manner.
  4. The color and type of lizard can be translated metaphorically.

Lizard Biblical Interpretation

Many peoples religious beliefs can tie into their dreams and if you associate closely with the bible. The list of unclean “creeping things” in Leviticus 11:29,30 contains eight names, as follows: it considers lizards to be unclean animals.