Vampire Dreams

Vampires are commonly known to appear in our dreams usually disguised as a romantic lover or an evil blood sucking soulless human.

The vast contrast might be thanks to new aged romantic teen Vampire dramas that has left an unhealthy obsession of what men they might be attracted too. If this was the case than a vampire might in fact be related to their unconscous urges or fantasy living out in dreams; usually if the dreamer is kissing or making love to the vampire in their dreams.

But what about the vampires that are known to attack or bite us in our dreams?

Vampire Dream Meaning

Vampires In Dreams are considered negative omens representing something or someone is sucking the life blood out of you. Blood in dreams is a very symbolic image of your own life force or vital energy that is being depleted. Vampires are known to emerge as a warning to to ground your energies and protect yourself from the negative people who are known to leech off of you.

Vampire Symbolism In Dreams

  • hidden fears or shadow side of dreamer
  • poor masculine relationships
  • sexuality
  • people who emotionally preyed upon

Vampire Dreams Spiritual Meaning

Traditionally vampires are known to attack their victims at night. Due to the close connection with the unconsciousness (night) and the MOON; a feminine symbol that is responsible for emotions, the vampire in your dream points you to this area.

How you interact with the vampire in your dream determines how close you have let a negative person too close to you.

In most all cases Dreaming Of Being A Vampire Slayer, killing a vampire or fighting them is a positive omen suggesting you will overcome these threats. Killing A Vampire In Your Dream suggests you have completely removed these toxic people from your life. When you dream of a vampires teeth it represents a warning that your vital energy is in danger. If you dream of a vampire apocalypse implies finding out a new revelation, something hidden will rise.

Vampire Dreams: Identify Energy Vampires

When vampires attack you in your dream it often represents the people who prey upon your weakness in life. Energy vampires are the people in your life that drain your emotional energy slowly.

The craving of blood can often be a representation of your vital life energy (force) that is being depleted, often leaving you exhausted, mentally exhausted and overwhelmed.

These are negative people in your life that feed of your empathetic nature, sometimes intentional or often unknown its happening to them. There magical powers are of no match to you as you are unaware of their behaviors.

These people can mask as your friends, family members, landlord or even a romantic partner. The characteristics are often displayed by manipulating traits, narcissistic personality and judgmental behaviors.

Your dream will drop hints while you are being attacked. Your location, objects and people around you are all clues to help you decode your dream. In essence your dream is warning you to protect your energy and possibly be less agreeable. By confronting these people there powers become useless as they move on to the next vulnerable person.

  • trouble makers, guilt trips, gossip
  • gas lighting
  • narcissism
  • jealous of you
  • manipulating traits
  • stops you from being who you are
  • negative energy

Running From Vampire Dreams

Dreaming of being chased is a symbol of running away, guilty feelings; or not facing your fears. The vampire could connect the dreamer to the shadow – the unknown, repressed urges, impulses or behaviors that dwells in the darkness.

These unconscious fears of being possessed or attacked is metaphoric to something that is unknown or unseen.

The vampire is afraid of the light, he hides until the moon is seen. In this context the night may manifest as part of your own personal darkness, depression, end and unhappiness. It behaves as something internal that sucks your vital life force out of you. Alternatively, you are fearful of something or someone changing who you are.

  • past
  • not confronting issues
  • depression or fears
  • afraid of people who posses these qualities (boss, relationships, friends)

Falling In Love With A Vampire

The majority of relationships with vampires occurs with females. Due to the increase of vampire series on T.V there could be a correlation between the two. It might suggest unconscious desires to meet a handsome but mysterious guy whose eyes seem to peer directly into your soul.

According to Carl Jung this relationship might connect the dreamer to the animus –  the unconscious masculine side of a woman. He will appear as a vampire, but in your dream world he is a bridge that connects you to higher self.

Exploring an unconscious desire letting someone have complete control over you, using another vital resource and life force. The interaction letting someone dominate and submitting sexually – a desire to be seduced by someone.

Did you know that vampires have been in existence long before Hollywood depicted them in movies and popular romantic drama series like Twilight. Folklore of vampires have existed for millennia; in ancient cultures dating as far back to Mesopotamian era and ancient Greece.


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2 years ago

A group of cyborg=type vampires was surrounding my house. They all looked alike. And instead of having fangs they had a mouthful of sharp teeth. I was inside my house. one was at the door, I fought it, pushed it out. Then, to my amazement instead of my nightmare degenerating into a scream that awakens me, I had on a communicator device like in Star Trek. Captain Kirk’s voice came through it, asking “What the H…. is going on down there?”. I told him our base had been attacked but we repelled them. When I woke up I thought ‘cool,… Read more »

3 years ago

I’ve had dreams about vampires alot

3 years ago

Amazing article about vampire dreams. I often have dreams of falling in love with a vampire usually full moon. Other times I am running away from vampires in my dream as the setting feels more like a nightmare.