Earthquake Dreams

Earthquakes dreams are extremely vivid  that is known to signify a personal shake up, major shift or some sort of instability in life. The uncontrolled movement under the surface implies that the dreamer grounding and stability will be challenged in their walking life.

Any kind of natural disaster dreams often relates to emotions or events we have little or no control over in life. Being human we are not immune to these unpredictable or random shake ups that seem to disrupt us emotionally, financially or physically. Though this might not be the case for everybody!

When you are dealing with something below your feet we are often encouraged to explore the unconscious part of the dreamer. Unfortunately this journey doesn’t come with any directions or google maps to point you to the problem – though your dreams will provide you with the right amount of clues!

Earthquake Dreams: A Bad Omen?

Earthquakes in dreams seem to mimic a past experience, possibly reflecting the present moment, or this is a dream that is foreshadowing an event to come in the future. So how do you know?

When you are dealing with recurring dreams earthquake dreams it often points to something that happened in your past that is not fully understood. These feelings and emotions still remain unconscious as its power is coming surfacing in other ways.

The tension below might imply anger or repression that is coming up to the surface (conscious).  In essence the dream is hinting for you to examine in depth these feelings and emotions that are still affecting you to the present moment.

Earthquakes that represent the present moment to an overwhelming event suggests you will be losing grounding in some aspect in your life. But what does the earthquake point to exactly?

  • relationships or work
  • positive or negative conscious shift
  • family life or friends
  • unconscious shift
  • sudden change
  • health or finances
  • personal structure
  • attitudes, behaviors or urges

Earthquake Dream: How Did You React?

The emotions expressed reflects how you will react to this sudden event. In most dreams subjects either like to run away or hide from the earthquake. The symbol becomes metaphoric implying you are either ignoring or not facing the root of the problem in your life – you will hide from fear.

Sometimes you might be in shock or surprised by the earthquake in your dream. In this case the sudden event will shake you up in a good way, it might be dangerous but it thrills you.

We all experience bad events in our lives, it is how we handle it that gets us though faster. The fears or emotions expressed in your dream are clues that bring you closer to understanding who you are.

  • lack of confidence
  • fear and anxiety
  • vulnerable
  • shocked, angry or frustrated
  • thrilled or excited

Earthquake Dreams: Buildings & Houses

Another clue is if the earthquake in your dream destroys or shakes your house or buildings. Houses represent the mind/psyche of the dreamer that points to where the shake up comes from – unconscious movement will cause a conscious disruption that might not be understood.

The reason why buildings collapse so frequent in our dreams because they represent a metaphoric structure that we have built. This can be anything from ideas, projects, security, behaviors or ideals.

Earthquake Dreams: Spiritual Meaning

Despite the scary feeling expressed in our dreams, not all earthquake dreams suggest you will experience a major life disaster. Sometimes we need to experience a major change to end up where we truly need to go.  The earthquakes main objective is to bring something to the surface that has been ignored for too long.

The unconscious is a region of the psyche containing past memories, emotional conflicts, urges, unfulfilled desires, and repressed impulses that are not conscious to the person. Our dreams tend to pull up what might be ignored or repressed with us for us to acknowledged. Resisting or ignoring these feelings results in a build up; similar to how an earthquake is represented in your dream.

Lucid earthquakes in dreams can also be a positive symbol reflecting a major shift or movement in your life. These can be personal changes that need the old to destroy for the new to rebuild, this is often unknown to the dreamer at the moment.

On the flip side earthquakes can be a result of a build up due to past repression. Let say for example: anger at one’s mother or father, past memories of childhood abuse, and hatred of a family member might be repressed in the unconscious. The inability to keep moving forward being the “old you” will require a massive amount of unconscious force to drive you to change. The power or movement below will signify how deeply repressed; and how badly they need to come out.

There is a fine line distinguishing if the earthquake represents an outside force that is out of your control, or related to the unconscious. Often times your dream will provide you with little hints like your house that symbolizes your mind.

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