Lightning In Dreams

So why is lightning so symbolic in your dreams? Lightning in dreams contain both a negative and positive element or meaning. The bolt of lightning is symbol of sudden enlightenment, raw energy and power, which can be both positive or destructive.

Lightning is a natural phenomena that metaphorically appears when both a positive and negative pull towards each other creating a new spark. This seems to be mimicking something in your life that will suddenly change.

Did you know that mythological texts God was associated with lightning and thunder. Or the fact that it is depicted in the Abrahamic faiths indicating the power of God. Even according to the Tao Te Ching is the ancient Chinese sacred philosophical text, speaks of lightning in terms of fertility.

Sigmund Freud however felt that its shape and what the lightning strikes relates to a phallic symbol; although Carl Jung believed it divine spark that liberates the soul. In essence if you dreamt of lightning be prepared for something shocking to come.

Lightning Dream Symbolism:

  • Illumination
  • Divine spark or intervention
  • Chi energy
  • Life changing, revelation
  • Fertility
  • Destruction or shocking news
  • Unconscious shift
  • Enlightenment

Lightning Dream Meaning

In dreams, lightning is a symbol that contains both negative and positive elements that seem to come in the near future. This sudden illumination has a destructive force depending on what it strikes down upon, although it has the ability to transform the dreamer.

This powerful force from the sky becomes a messenger informing you of possible sudden or disastrous events and a symbol of intuition. The louder the lightning in your dreams the more powerful the message. 

Known to be a symbol of a destruction of ignorance but also punishment from something unknown. Despite its negative significance depending the context this can be a symbol of a divine message, honoring the chosen one – sudden insight.

Lightning Dreams: A Good Or Bad Omen?

Unfortunately the enigmatic nature of lightning is a difficult symbol to interpret, often times you will understand the meaning months later. Similar to a eureka moment referring to the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept.

This is a metaphoric symbol that can also be expressed as something repressed in your unconscious that will burst out with force. An uncontrolled release of eminence energies that direct towards the emotional side of the dreamer. As we mentioned above lightning occurs when two opposite forces come together to create an impact or force directed to you.

Lightning Dreams:  Inner Emotional Charge

Due to appearing when the sky is dark and gloomy we can explore unconscious emotions and repressed feelings repressing the atmosphere. A sudden discharge of tension that poses a threat of destruction, something has manifested deep within that needs to be released.

Could this suggest a sudden enlightenment or awareness in your life? Perhaps fears of fate or punishment from conscience. Or possibly a symbol of revenge from an unknown force. You may even want to explore the sexual tension or build up that may be need to come out. You will be provided with many clues that will direct you towards the answer.

Lightning Dream: Location Of The Strike

The exact location, people and mood when the lighting struck down are important key symbols that can be decoded metaphorically. If the lightning stuck close it you it can be seen as a possible warning or a wake up call to pay more attention to your thoughts and actions.

House: If the lightning stuck your house it will turn your attention to your mind/psyche – a sign of great energies that have been released. A metaphor as the neurons use both electrical charges and chemicals called ions to communicate with each other.  Could this suggest a new method of understanding or enlightenment? If their is danger or fear associated results in a sudden moment or news that may come in unexpected.

Tree: Dreaming of lightning striking a tree is a powerful omen symbolizing protection, life, spirit, and heaven and earth. Death or ending of something that was growing in your life, for instance, the loss of love, the ending of some part of ones personality, or relationship. Alternatively it might suggest a rebirth or transformation of some sort.

Fire: A symbol of transformation, anger, force, and purification in your dreams. A fire can be viewed as both a negative and positive symbol that has the ability to destroy (old growth) that is burned away for new growth to occur. Possibly metaphoric for an eternal flame, and kindling a fire is equated with birth and resurrection and fertility.

What Does Lightning Mean To You?

Most importantly what are your thoughts about lightning? It helps to know that you are your own best dream interpreter and we can only provide you with examples.

Particular religions such as Christianity or Islam might see this is a symbol as the power of God, his command of the forces of nature. In the Quran its a sign from Allah (God) is both the fear of it and the hope for rain coming with it. The role of winds in fertilizing the negatively and positively charged clouds; a vital process that leads to Rain formation -“He it is who showeth you lightning and launches the thunderbolts.”

The ancient Greeks believed that lightning was a weapon of of choice by Zeus. Since thunderbolts were created by Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Lightning was a manifestation of the gods, any spot struck by lightning was regarded as sacred.

In Folklore it was said that people hit by lightning were thought by many ancient Africans to have incurred the anger of the gods. These so called Lightning bolts are signs of justice.

In India, the Hindu god Indra is considered the god of rains and lightning and the king of the Devas.

Lightening Up Your Mind

  1. A single bolt of lightning is approximately five times hotter than the surface of the sun.
  2. The irrational phobia of being stuck by lightning is known as keraunophobia.
  3. Lightning has two types, negative strikes and positive strikes. Positive strikes are four times as powerful as negative strikes.
  4. Chances of being struck by lightning in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000.
  5. An average lightning bolt can release enough energy to operate a 100-watt light bulb for more than 90 days
  6. Each second there are 50 to 100 Cloud-to-ground lightning strikes to the earth worldwide.
  7. The Empire State Building in New York is struck 24 times a year and was once struck eight times in 24 minutes.
  8. All that energy travels along a path about as wide as a thumb!
  9. Lightning kills about 2,000 people a year, so stay inside during lightning storms.
  10. “Lightning never strikes twice” is just a myth, lightning can strike the same location many times.