Dreaming of Luggage

Dreaming of a suitcase or luggage are very symbolic symbols as they contain personal belongings of the dreamer that often remain unconscious.

Suitcases or luggage in dreams represent parts of past that you carry in the present moment. What exactly could this be? Your dream will provide you with metaphoric clues that will help you identity with what the personal baggage represents.

Luggage Dream Meaning

What makes this a symbolic dream is the fact that we use luggage to travel to a next destination, though in dreams this can be a sign of transition, advancement or stages in your life.

The purpose of the luggage in your dream is to show you how your past effects your present moment. The phrase ‘a lot of baggage’ suggests the people who carry their past misfortunes with them. Could this be stopping you from advancing in life? Perhaps you are carrying your luggage though with ease.

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Dreams have an interesting way of displaying unconscious feeling and emotions in a metaphoric sense. The luggage lets the dreamer know if they are either going to progress in the future or something is slowing you down. Inside the luggage provides the dreamer with insight of your hidden or unused talents that lie dormant within, or possibly your burdens you carry around with you.

Common Luggage Dreams:

  • Hidden talents pack away
  • Still holding on to the past
  • Unable to let go
  • Organizing your feeling and emotions
  • Lost and trying to find

Lost Luggage Dream Meaning

Lost luggage in your dream brings your attention to your anxieties, fears and uncertainty of the future. Luggage is often associated with traveling on trains or planes; these are very important symbols connecting you to transitions or change in your life.

Clothes can be metaphoric linking to aspects of our past or personal identity that is lost. You will have to decipher if this is a symbol implying a need to ‘let go’ of your past, losing parts of your identity; or trying to find something missing within. You will have to become a detective to solve this inner dilemma so you will be able to transition to the next stage.

  • Releasing emotional baggage
  • Unprepared to transition
  • Fears and anxieties holding you back
  • Not letting go of old habits and behaviors
  • Worries and responsibility

Dreaming Of Luggage

Some dreams revolve around packing a suitcase in a hurry. These dreams bring your attention to a lack of  organization, emotional past; or procrastination in your life. Do you have tasks that are incomplete? What aspects in your life are you rushing that is causing anxiety? Do you have trouble proceeding to the next stage or steps in life?

Packing Luggage Dream Meaning

Often times packing or folding your items in your luggage are positive dreams. This is a symbol of mentally sorting our your past memories, emotions and feelings that need straightening out. We use our luggage to travel to another destination; implying a new stage or transition in our lives.

These are items that you identity with, parts of you that relate to the past. Could you be leaving the old behind and starting new?

The location where you are packing gives you a hint where to look (house), the size, difficulty or organized. What exactly might you be packing?

Inside might be the parts of you that where once forgotten and now being used. These are magnificent talents that where packed away or rejected because they shine so bright.

  • New ventures
  • Opening doors to unseen talents
  • Organizing mental clutter
  • Clearing out the past