Yin & Yang Symbolism

I’m sure you probably seen the Yin or Yang symbol inside a martial arts class or maybe at a sushi restaurant and wonder what what is the true meaning behind this mysterious symbol.  The symbol is depicted with a black and white ball with half circles that swirl into each other, with a dot of the opposite color on either side.

In Ancient Chinese philosophy Yin and yang (or yin-yang) is an intricate symbol that holds roots in both Taoism & Daoism representing dualism, and illustrates how two opposing factors might compliment each other.

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The Yin Yang symbol developed in the 4th century B.C., a principle that has been developed over thousand of years to imply that the universe is governed by a cosmic duality or interconnected forces that can be observed in nature. Two halves that together signify wholeness; yin comprising of the feminine principle, whereas the yang contains masculine; together, they represent inner completion.

 Yin Yang Symbolism

In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu says “All things carry Yin yet embrace Yang,” these primal forces are found in everything and everywhere in the universe.

Essentially nothing is completely Yin or completely Yang, a meaning called “the shady side of the hill,” while yang is translated to “the sunny side of the hill”. You can apply this philosophy to both our Internal and External world. For example, day becomes night, and then night becomes day; the good in the bad or the bad in the good.

The interplay of these two forces are dependent on each other, or in other words “rooted in each other“, as you must have one to need another. We can see this relationship easily in nature by the cyclical tides that rise and fall in a never-ending continuous motion.

Applying Yin & Yang In Our Lives

Yin and Yang philosophy can be integrated in ones life by maintaining a balance of structure and relaxation in the mind, body and soul. Since life can be demanding or fast pace at times we tend to distort or pull towards one side thus throwing our natural energy off balance. Morphing into one or a complete circle encourages us to maintain inner harmony to become enlightened.

By becoming cognizant of these opposing opposites within us, we are reminded to maintain a natural state of wellbeing to keep balanced. Actively valuing the importance of hard work but as well to equally maintain rest and relaxation.

Yang Symbolism

  • Masculine energy
  • Light, Illumination
  • Clarity
  • Active, action
  • Hard
  • Physical, Objects
  • Heaven, Chi
  • Sun, bright

Yin Symbolism

  • Soft
  • Organic
  • Death
  • Dark
  • Death
  • Feminine energy
  • Earth
  • Moon

How Yin & Yang Appears In Dreams

You may have never seen the Yin & Yang symbol in your dreams before but I can assure you it is live a present in many dreams. Our dreams are often enigmatic riddled with complex symbols, though its main objective is for you to become a complete individual.

Famous Swiss analytical psychologist Carl Jung understood that dreams is the psyche’s attempt to communicate valuable things to the individual, and considered them highly, perhaps above all else, as a way of knowing what lurks behind the scenes.

By making these unconscous symbols in your dream conscious it will play an important role in the development of your personality – a process that he called individuation.

Yin and yang elements always exist in pairs, often as opposing but complementary forces. Good examples are day and night, sun and moon, male and female, cold and hot dark and light passive and active. The list could go on and on

Yin & Yang Dreams

The shadow in our dreams (unconscous urges, behaviours, emotions, instincts) tends to rare its ugly head in our dreams a lot. The shadow loves to morph into particular animals, masked men, attackers, monsters in hopes we pay attention to our hidden fears and weaknesses.

The “shadow” or  dark side of the personality can be viewed similar to the white dot within the black, or the black dot within the white. If there is good than there has to to be bad, tall must compliment short.  A person who refuses to accept or acknowledge their shadow will become a danger not only to themselves but the others around them.

Another example of Yin and Yang in dreams would be applied to the “anima” and “animus” – the feminine within masculine, and the masculine within the feminine. The dreamer who either ignores or is pulled to one side of these unconscious energies becoming psychologically off center.

The goal would be for the person to makes these energies conscious by integrating these elements or coexist within them. By doing so the dreamer will become more of a complete harmonious individual.

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1 year ago

I had a dream of the moon turning to yin and Yang and it descended the moment I looked at the sky and recognized it and I said yin and Yang and I ran to my mum’s room after it descended because it was as if he was chasing after me….can someone pls give me an interpretation to the dream

Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith
3 years ago

I really enjoyed reading this article on how the yin and yang enters our dreaming world. No wonder I keep dreaming of a women with two different sets of white and black eyes just like the yin and yang. Could this be related to my inner feminine?