Pinecone Symbolism

Throughout the span of recorded human history, the iconic image of the Pinecone symbolically mirrored enlightenment, higher consciousness and the third eye.

Long before the ancient Romans, Greeks, Assyrians, and Christians showed up adopting the pinecone with fertility, the ancient Egyptians however understood the pinecone to contain a much deeper meaning.

Engraved on the pyramids walls The Pinecone can be seen on the staff of Osiris (the God of  afterlife, the dead, and resurrection) appearing on the top of two intertwined snakes. Connected with our own inner energies the serpents rise from the base of our spine to activate the pineal gland which is shaped like the pinecone.

Pinecone Symbolism

Depicted on stone carvings many Sumerian, Anunnaki and Indian Gods or deities are seen holding a pinecone in their hands – Shiva’s hair is woven with snakes in the shape of a pine cone. A long debated symbol pertaining to its true meaning, all arrows seem to be pointing to spiritual consciousness and enlightenment.

How Your Third Eye Opens In Our Dreams

According to French philosopher Renée Descartes (1596–1650) described the  pineal gland as the “Seat of the Soul”, a place in which all our thoughts are formed. In modern times the pineal gland is understood to be an endocrine organ, which produces the hormone melatonin in amounts which vary with the time of day.

Named after the “pine” al gland due to its similar shape to the pinecone, can be found right at the geometric center of  the human brain and is intimately connected with the body’s perception of light.

Mathematically speaking the Fibonacci sequence can be seen throughout nature in leaves, plants stems and seeds. By counting the number of spirals on the pinecone in each direction creates a perfect Fibonacci sequence.

Pinecone Dream Meaning

The image of the pinecone has been known to make its appearance in our dreams even visions under the psychedelic brew of ayahuasca or DMT. The hallucinogenic component DMT is abundant in the plant kingdom. By either ingesting or smoking DMT can lead to improved insight, personal growth; emotional healing; and contact with a sacred nature, deities, spirits and natural energies.

In dreams the shape of the spiral seems to be more commonly seen than the pinecone, though both contain a similar meaning – a profound shape that connects us to divinity or The Source.

Other visions in dreams that connect to the immortality, awakening, tree of life, and eternity are associated with pine trees, evergreen or pine needles. Trees are perfect metaphors in dreams representing grounding, Mother Earth, how we transition, grow or flourish – connection between heaven and earth.

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6 months ago

I just dreamed of pinecones growing out of my ankles

10 months ago

Dreaming of a green pine cone that was in my skin on back, then years later today i pulled off my hand it had tiny little black feathers on it in various places. Then a woman was near me saying she saw black energy and when i focused i saw my skin had a black small smoky flame like smoke emitting from it. She seemed awed and interested. What does any of this mean?

1 year ago

I had a dram I was in front of a giant pinecone, the size of a tree.