Rainbow Symbolism

Rainbows are powerful symbols that represent hope, good luck, new beginnings, happiness, equality, communication and peace.

In the 20th century, the rainbow flag is a widely known symbol that is synonymous with the LGBT community or Gay Freedom Celebration. But this ancient symbol commonly spoken about in the Bible, mentioned in both folklore, mythology and other ancient cultures contains a hidden message that has been unfortunately lost in modern times.

Rainbows are perhaps the closest thing we have to seeing real magic. A beautiful phenomena that looks like it is radiating in thin air, almost like a ghostly apparition in the sky appears when the rain clears and the sun penetrates through the clouds. The rainbow connects to the divine part of the human soul and makes it’s appearance during major transitions and shifts in ones life.

Rainbow Hidden Symbolism

Rainbows have a strange tendency to show up during random times in our lives when change is on the horizon. If you are unable to catch a random glimpse of the rainbow for whatever reason, it’s magical appears likes to make its way into our dreams (see below) or visions. For the ones who like to venture down the the psychedelic road might even notice their vision turn into a rainbow prism on LSD.

The fact that rainbows are actually a full circle as opposed to the half we see on earth; in order to see the other half that lays below the horizon, one would need to view the rainbow from the sky, usually seen from a plane.

The symbolism of the CIRCLE is a spiritual representation of  totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, enlightenment, all cyclic movement, God.

In the Bible the rainbow acts as a sign from God; after creating a flood to wash away humanity’s negative deeds and corruption, God put the image of the rainbow in the sky as the symbol of his promise that he would never again destroy the earth with flood (Genesis 9:13–17).  In Irish folklore the rainbow is thought to be the hiding place for pots of gold –  GOLD is commonly known to connect with God, higher Self and enlightenment.

What you will notice is that these ancient myths are metaphorically implying that rainbows are seen as transcending the earthly realm. Rainbows are the physical symbolism of this ascent. A symbol shows up from the higher realms as encouragement to trust the path you are on and to seek wisdom from this higher dimension. Once you are able to bridge these two realms allows this energy to flow throughout both sides.

Rainbow Spiritual Symbolism

The ancient Chinese understood the rainbow related to the Yin & Yang energy – a philosophy of opposites, dualism, describing how seemingly opposing or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. The two opposites would be the bridge between the feminine Yin energy EARTH;  juxtaposed by the HEAVENS or Sun the masculine.

This might not be so far removed from the ancient Greek mythology connecting Iris as the personification of the rainbow and  Homer the  messenger of the gods. In the text Iris would use her cup to pick up the water and bring it to the clouds in order to make a rainbow. The rainbow was seen as the bridge that connects Mount Olympus (the habitat of the God’s) and earth.

On earth rainbows take the shape of an ARCH; an archetypal symbol, the arch is fundamentally rooted with the masculine. By passing though will be the symbolic transition or act of rebirth, the old that is left behind (death) only for the new to emerge. The arch is the mark access to holy and ancient temples. Passing though actives something within.

Rainbow Symbolism: Higher Self

Rainbows are also related to an individuals spiritual growth and linked to higher consciousness. The seven CHAKRAS colors match the seven colors of the rainbow; In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means “disk” or “wheel” and refers to the energy centers in your body. Though deep meditation and yoga practices allows for these blocked channels to naturally follow with life energy, which is also known as Qi or Prana.

The true fact that no two people observe the exact same rainbow – changes differently according to the eye of the beholder, tells you a story that this personal journey you have with God is unique. The rainbow becomes a part of your own spiritual growth and a connection ones higher self, a person who endures the darkness in pursuit of the light.

Something you can see from a distance but is way out of your reach. This tells you about the end goal to keep faith, trust and continue to strive as you will be rewarded with the pot of gold at the end of it all.

Rainbow Symbolism & 42 Degrees

Rainbows require sunlight and moisture in the air to form, but it’s the magical 42 degree angle that allows rainbows to exist. According to the Earthsky.org they explain the physics behind why the rainbow angles on a 42 degree angle.

When making a rainbow, sunlight shining into each individual raindrop is refracted, or split into its component colors. And the light is also reflected, so that those various colors come bouncing back.

One key to rainbows is that the light leaves the collection of raindrops in front of you at an angle. In making a rainbow, the angle is between 40 and 42 degrees, depending on the color (wavelength) of the light.

The circle (or half-circle) results because there are a collection of suspended droplets in the atmosphere that are capable of concentrating the dispersed light at angles of deviation of 40-42 degrees relative to the original path of light from the sun. These droplets actually form a circular arc, with each droplet within the arc dispersing light and reflecting it back towards the observer.

The mere fact we are unable to ever reach the rainbow might contain a hidden mystery on why it was so important in mythology, folklore, Bible, dreams and visions.

Scientifically speaking this is based on the orientation of the observer (you) and the light source (the sun), when you move, the rainbow will move, too. So whenever you decide to move so with this powerful energy it will move along side you.

Sacred Number 42

So why should we care about the degree of the rainbow? Well it turns out that the number 42 was a very significant number according to the ancient Egyptians.

  1. There where 42 parts of Osiris that were distributed all over Egypt. Osiris, one of the most important gods of the dead, and the god of the resurrection into eternal life; ruler, protector, and judge of the deceased.
  2. The Egyptian empire was divided into 42 divisions.
  3. Egyptian temple library is divided into 42.
  4. It is known in n Egyptian mythology, there are 42 questions asked of the deceased as they make their journey though the afterlife. These 42 questions connect with the “42 Negative Confessions” from funerary texts such as the Papyrus of Ani.
  5. The Sutra of Forty-two Sections is a Buddhist scripture.
  6. There are 42 Stations of the Exodus.
  7. In Kabbalistic tradition 42 is the number with which God creates the Universe.
  8. The meaning of the number 42 is derived from its direct connection to the coming Antichrist.

Rainbow Dream Meaning

In our dreams the rainbow is known to be a positive symbol that often reflects joy and happiness after a time of depression; rain and storms mirror unstable emotions and undergoing difficult times. Though, the rainbow in our dreams has a very close connection with the spirit or higher realms, usually morphing onto particular images such as the iconic FISH or SNAKES.

The powerful symbol of the rainbow in your dream emerges to help reinforce your belief in a kind of evanescent “bridge” between yourself and the higher realms or unconscous part of the dreamer.

Rainbow Dream Symbolism

  • renewal & transformation
  • death and rebirth
  • overcoming hard times
  • Joining of “Earth” (the ego) and “Heaven” (the collective unconscious)

Common Rainbow Dreams

Depending on how the rainbow appears in your dream it will direct you towards were this inner transformation is taking place. The unconscous will purposely use specific images to point you in the right direction.

Dreaming of Rainbow Hair connects the dreamer with a positive internal change with the dreamer; a close connection to the head or mind, new growth is now developing within. Hair in our dreams often attaches itself to our thoughts – once you put your mind to something it will grow.

To dream of a Rainbow Bridge represents new found connections between two value areas in your life. Something that was once closed off you have now gained access to; transitions, connection, stability, and progress. Bridges in dreams allow you to cross over to another side, a spiritual connection to another side, the unconscious conscious connection that has now formed.

To dream of a rainbow inside your house represents new found change and growth in your life. Houses in dreams often connect the person to the psyche/mind or inner architecture.

To dream of a rainbow at night is a very symbolic dream that represents a transformation, awareness, development within the unconsciousness, Yin energy, feminine energy.

An upside down rainbow in your dream may represent a complete change in your life “being turned upside down” for the better.

A quadruple rainbow in your dreams suggests good things coming in fours. Similar to dreams about quadruplets this dreams suggests good news is around the corner as this transformation will take place.

Biblical Meaning Of Rainbow In Dreams

In the Bible rainbows were used by God to wash away humanity’s corruption. The biblical meaning of rainbows in our dreams connects to a rebirth or a renewal of the past for the new to flourish. The old or past sinful ways (SHADOW SELF) might not have been integrated within your psyche.

The 7 Rays represent the energy of God’s radiating light which refracts into 7 different rays like the rainbow.