Wheel Symbolism

The meaning of the wheel  symbolizes such profound wisdom we cannot sum it up in just a couple of sentences due to its complex nature. An image that commonly makes its appearance in our dreams, visions, psychedelic trips or perhaps the urge to draw a perfect circle a piece of paper. Though it makes you wonder why this ancient archetypal symbol keeps making its appearance throughout human history.

The mere fact the wheel embodies characteristics of the iconic image of the CIRCLE along with it’s continuous movements seems to guide us towards reaching higher states of consciousness or enlightenment.

Known in Buddhism as the Dharma Wheel or Wheel of Dharma is one of the many sacred teachings of Buddhism that represents his true teachings – the wheel guides oneself towards the state of Nirvana (transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, blow out, nor sense of self, and release from the cycle of rebirth).

Spiritual Meaning Of The Wheel

A representation of the SUN a symbol that can be traced back to prehistoric cultures that represents the absolute cosmic power. The middle of the wheel or circle contains elements of warmth and knowledge; an image depicted on the sun cross is a solar symbol consisting of an equilateral cross inside a circle. The spokes that are inside the wheel may also been seen as the suns rays.

In the Bible or Old Testament scriptures prophet Ezekiel referenced an enigmatic heavenly vision of a “wheel within a wheel“, representing the universe, and the path we travel though – connections with our consciousness and the afterlife. In Taoism Lin (輪) means wheel, hui (回) implies turn (movement) and zongzi (種子) represents seed thus representing the repeating cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.

The Meaning Of Wheels In Dreams

Wheels may contain many different interpretations when they emerge in our dreams and depending the context alters the meaning. Not all wheels that emerge in our dreams points towards some sort of spiritual enlightenment, but rather directed towards the dreamers mobility or direction in life – often represented as a flat tire or a stolen car tire.

One might find these everyday spinning CIRCULAR images that randomly show up in our dreams as something trivial, but this is farthest from the truth. In fact, whenever you see any sort of round circular object in your dream it becomes a symbolic guide directing you towards wholeness.

  • Ferris wheel
  • Bike and spokes on wheel
  • CDs
  • Clocks or watches
  • Wagon wheels
  • Spinning wheels
  • The Sun, Earth or other planets
  • Car or boat steering wheel
  • Mandela 

Alternatively, negative associations about wheels in our dream, for example, a missing or falling steering wheel suggests a lack of balance and harmony in your life. Dreaming of being on a Ferris wheel tells you about your highs and lows; reflects your life and what brings you up and down or where you essentially get off. In essence, your dream will metahporally input these spinning objects to show your progress and advancement in your life.

Chakras Appearing In Dreams

Could these spinning objects be directly linked to our own inner energies called our Chakras? A chakra or “wheel” are believed to be shaped like spinning wheels or funnels attached too our body. These are seven spinning disks of energy that should stay “open” and aligned that affect our emotional and physical and spiritual well-being.

In our dreams the health of these so called discs might be reflected upon these spinning objects. Often times these specific seven colors emerge in our dreams attached to the spinning object (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) morph on to various objects.

The Importance Of The Dharma Wheel

The Dharma the Wheel of Law is Buddhism oldest symbols dating as far back to the time Emperor Ashoka ruled between 304 and 232 BC.  The wheel could be found engraved on the pillars that associates with the Buddha’s teachings. In today’s era the wheel is known around the world especially in Buddhism the same way the Jews view the Start of David and the Christians view the cross.

The image of the wheel is often shown with eight spokes that is usually represented in the color gold. significant meaning behind the color gold. Representing what they call following or practice of the Eightfold Path –  right view, right resolve, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right samadhi (‘meditative absorption or union’).

Wheel In Hinduism

In the Hindu text the wheel (similar to Buddhism) becomes a system that followers must practice to achieve enlightenment. Vishnu is often seen around the image of the wheel or discus – a powerful tool that is used to  conquer passions and desires.