Star Symbolism

When American astronomer Carl Sagan mentioned that “we’re made of star stuff,” he wasn’t being metaphoric or joking around. He was simply implying—in his uniquely precise and poetic way—that the raw materials that are comprised in our physical bodies were once all forged in the bellies of distant, long-extinguished stars.

The star is a symbol that represents divine guidance, enlightenment, good luck or light in the darkness; the eyes that guide us towards salvation.

Spiritually speaking the stars are known to be connected with the divine, a belief that these countless STARS that we notice in the vast distance are actually fallen angels cast out from heaven.

In the Old Testament there are many verses about stars, often comparing them to saints, angels and even give enlightenment and guidance for those that seek it. The STAR of Bethlehem symbolizes the guidance of God whilst the star of David is a powerful image of protection.

Deeper Meaning Of Stars

Stars always seem to randomly emerge in our lives during particular times when we are feeling lost or need guidance. The reason why stars were considered so vital to human existence was its ability to help navigate though EARTH. When the sky was pitch dark these stars would illuminate up the sky giving people light and vision.

Though in today’s era we have truly lost how important stars mean to us since the vast majority of humans live in urban developments. The concrete jungle walls blocks your intuition, looking down on your phone distorts your senses, and by looking up is just an old mystery from the past. Have we truly lost the deeper meaning of the star?

But the universe still watches and often waiting for you to acknowledge it presence. Despite your busy schedule the stars in the sky will still guide you even though you are not looking. Stars are known to make an appearance in our dreams, visions or sometimes you might be lucky you might have gotten a glimpse of a shooting star passing the night sky.

Spiritual Meaning Of Stars

Did you know that the Egyptians purposely aligned their pyramids directly toward the north in hopes when a Pharaoh died it would transform as a star in the northern sky. The pyramids still remain a mystery, though we do understand  the pyramids of Giza were aligned with the three stars on Orion’s Belt; a belief that the gods lived in the Duat, the kingdom of Osiris.

Dating back to the ancient times stars have been known to symbolize forever, hope, enlightenment destiny, heaven and freedom. They have been known to give us hope and luck from the belief that falling stars make our wishes come true. They have become a sacred and spiritual symbol for many religions and culture all over the world.

In the Bible the  Star of Bethlehem, also known as the Christmas Star, revealed the birth of Jesus to the Biblical Magi, and then guided them towards Bethlehem. Stars play a big roll in Christianly as they see the star as a miraculous sign to mark the birth of the Christ.

Star Dream Meaning

When stars appear in our dreams they represent a connection with higher consciousness, the divine source, luck and prosperity. The dreamer may have received many signs in the night sky but the message wasn’t about to synchronistic penetrate due to a block in the night sky.

Dreaming for stars becomes a very powerful omen when the dreamer sees SHOOTING STARS or perhaps you may have seen stars and constellations. Whenever we notice stars in our dream it encourages the dreamer to follow and trust your inner guide as it will protect and lead you to the source. Stars in dreams are known to bring the person luck, day, weeks or months after this vision.

Dreaming of stars and galaxies represents your connection with your higher self and to reach your maximum potential. The dark vast unknown sky bridges the conscious with the unconsciousness; the light in darkness or the masculine and feminine principles.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Stars In Dreams

  • connects to deities and divine principles
  • constellations connect with religious, spiritual and esoteric sources.
  • linked with angelic beings, including fallen angels
  • bridges humans with hope, divinity, God’s, excellence, luck, faith, hope and life itself
  • magic, astral projection, visions

Stars Importance In Religion

  1. A 6-pointed star: A 6-pointed star relates to the Jewish Star of David, a powerful religious symbol of divine protection.
  2. The 7-pointed star: The seven pointed star connects with the archangel Anael, as well relates to a bright shining light.
  3. The 8-pointed star: An EIGHT-pointed star symbolizes wealth, enlightenment, patience, health, knowledge, nourishment, rebirth and transformation. 
  4. A 4-pointed star: A four-pointed star often symbolizes the CROSS a power symbol connected with Christ or related to the “star of Bethlehem”.
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2 years ago

Iḿ not sure, but I have been having a dream of a galaxy not part of our universe, but it is near ours, but the only difference about it, was that it was on fire and being destroyed by something
do you have any idea of why I am seeing this?