Necklace Dream Meaning

Just when you thought your great grandmothers necklace was old, archaeologist uncovered a 135,000 year old Neanderthal jewelry. This was made out of eagle talons.

This is not just a random find, researchers have found beads made from shells of sea snail in “Skhul cave” in Israel. This can be considered the first known jewelry made by modern day human. So what does this have to do with dreams?

Necklaces are not just jewelry we put around out necks to look stylish, they appear for a entirely different reason in our dreams. This is something we wear metaphorically, as a symbol of who we are our identity. The location of the neck bridges the mind and body – a symbol power but its close tie to the throat brings your attention to expression and communication.

Necklace Dream Symbolism:

  • Internal richness
  • Communication
  • Faith and beliefs
  • Wisdom
  • Connection with the giver

Your Necklace Is Unique To You

It would be trivial to say that all necklaces can be interpreted the same way in your dream, this item is specifically unique to you. A religious emblem on a necklace would be interpreted differently to a gold or pearl necklace.

Perhaps you received a necklace from someone or noticed one on the floor. This is why we need to analyze your dream metaphorically, connecting the colors, locations, type and the people around you.

By doing so you will then be able to piece the meaning of the dream together. These are symbols that contain a hidden message in order for you to decode.

Necklace Dream: Spiritual Meaning

The location being close to the neck and throat might want you to examine communication and speech. The type of necklace would be displayed representing how you convey yourself. If for example you noticed a religious emblem it might connect you to your beliefs.

Necklaces are known to be symbols of power, strength, social attractiveness and charm. Could this be a representation of who and what you are? Perhaps how you navigate though out your life?

You may want to ask yourself what you wear around you that is a treasure, a possible gift relating to wisdom. Alternatively you would want to examine what binds the important things together that makes it whole.

Negative associations pertaining the necklace will reflect the things in your life that are tied to your neck. This would a metaphoric trying to milestones, karma, obligations and setbacks.

If you notice a necklace that represents the cross symbolizes your strength and power in your faith. A symbol of inner forgiveness, that you are not the same person you were in the past (rebirth).

Gold And Silver Necklace Dream Meaning

A Golden Necklace can be seen as a powerful omen representing the sun, masculine energy, richness and transformation. This is the color the alchemist used as perfection, refined from a previous form.

In essence it comes to you as a gift implying hidden talents and connection to the divine. This will catch the eye of others around you, thus standing out from the crowd.

Dreaming of silver necklace connects to your feminine energy. This is the balance between the yin and yang, emotions (moon) energy.

Silver in alchemy is considered one of the noble colors, a symbol that you are wise, focused, pure, combined with increased feminine energy.

Dream White And Gold Necklace

Dreamers who notice the white and gold is a symbol of luck and success. The colors combined are used to represent your inner pure richness that will show on the outside.

A representation of who you were in the past has hardened yet still very valuable. Internal wealth will often be displayed on the outside.

Dreaming of a blue necklace connects the dreamer to intelligence and communication (see throat chakra). You may have been giving a gift to listen more than talk.

 Necklace On The Floor

If the floor is in your house it will be associated with your mind and psyche. Floors in general often connect the dreamer what will soon be in front of them, symbols of being grounded and foundation.

A necklace seen on the floor is considered a positive omen relating your strengths and past experiences that keep you stable along your path.

Stealing A Necklace

It is not uncommon to dream of stealing a necklace. These dreams might imply wanting or taking things that you admire about others. Wanting to be seen the same way they do, a symbol of lack of confidence.

Pearl Necklace Meanings

This is a symbol known to attract wealthluck, as well protection in your life. It can also be a symbol to ward off evil spirits around you. Find out more about the meaning of pearls.

Useful Clues and Hints:

If you received the necklace who was it from?

How did you feel when you wore it?

How did you wear it on your body?