Elevator Dreams

Elevator dreams offer interesting dream symbols relating to both our inner and outer world.

The elevator in your dream will provide you with specific clues so you can figure out if this is a symbol of progress or a setback. These are enigmatic symbols that reflect how we interact in the world around us, and may represent personal advancement, spirituality, sexual, emotional shifts or personal gain.

Since elevators are closely linked with buildings or apartments, they connect the dreamer to their own inner architecture, or thing things that have been metaphorically built in our lives. These parts of a building’s substructure could represent anything from our principles, core values, relationships, career, family or beliefs systems.

In most cases, dreams about elevators often unfold by going up and down quickly, getting stuck, crashing to the ground, going up really fast, or even going sideways. The meaning of these dreams may vary wildly depending what direction the elevator goes and how it is moving.

Elevator Dreams: Up or Down?

In simple terms, the elevator in your dream becomes a part of you, or how you metaphorically navigate through the structure of your own mind. If the elevator in your dream goes up, it is often seen as a positive symbol reflecting achievement or advancement in your life.  Also, the speed of the elevator will determine how quickly or how much you will be receiving or advancing in a particular area. Going up is always a good sign of things to come.

Elevators that are going down may reflect setbacks or a connection with the unconscious part of you. Usually when you arrive in a basement level you have gained access to the unknown parts of your mind; what is found in these specific areas are very symbolic to the unexplored areas of their psyche.

However going down in the elevator usually signifies a lack of advancement or fluctuations in your life. You will need to compare it to certain situations in your life that mimic going down.

Elevator Dreams Crashing

Dreams of drastically falling down or crashing in an elevator implies a loss of control or a sudden stop in your progress in life.  An elevator that crashes might be a metaphoric crash relating to plans, ideas or failed ventures.

These dreams seem to mirror what is currently being reflected in our daily life. The feeling of uncertainty, being vulnerable, and waiting for the inevitable crash could mimic aspects in your life. If you are able to escape the crash and get out, that signifies a way out of this situation.

Often the dreamer might not have control in the elevator as its blasting its way up to the roof. These dreams suggest a power struggle, lack of control, or possible advancement that you might not be ready for. Furthermore people who suffer from mood disorders may dream the elevator going up and down reflecting their moods.

Stuck In Elevator Dream

Dreaming of being stuck highlights feelings of fear, anxiety, claustrophobia in the ability of trying to reach the next stage in life. Somewhere along the way you are or will be stuck.

If you are dreaming of the elevator going upside down mirrors a particular situation in your life where you are lacking control. Upside down is the opposite of going the right way in life.

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If you dream of elevators and heights can be positive depending how you react being up so high. These dreams reflect higher consciousness and advancement in your life.

Elevator Doors Opening Dream

Dreaming of elevator doors opening are positive dream symbols that imply movement and transition in your life. It reflects metaphorically as a new opportunity or beginning has now begun.

This movement from one stage to another can be parts of your mental state, new ventures and freedom. Depending the floors and location will give you insight where the progress is starting.

Elevator Dreams & Kundalini

This could be a symbol of the Kundalini refers to a form of primal energy (or shakti) said to be located at the base of the spine. Different spiritual traditions teach methods of “awakening” kundalini for the purpose of reaching spiritual enlightenment and a range of supernatural abilities. Each floor might represent the 7 chakras that are in your body.

  • Energy shifts
  • Higher levels of intuition
  • Increased psychic abilities
  • Movement in consciousness

Elevator Symbolic Numbers In Dreams

Numbers have been very symbolic and hold value, both numerical and spiritually. Basements or bottoms floor are synonymous for the unconsciousness side of the dreamer. Paying attention to the floors and levels will be metaphoric to what event is taking place.

  1. Number one is often regarded as the start of new beginnings.
  2. Number two connects us to harmony and balance in our life and others
  3. Number three like the triangle it connects the positive and negative to create a unity between the two
  4. Number four in some culture signifies death, others its truth and knowledge
  5. Number five is protection and safety
  6. Number six special number that connects us to balance, love and relationships
  7. Number seven is a very spiritual number that connects us to our inner self, protection death and rebirth.
  8. Number eight one of the most powerful dream numbers representing eternal cycle and the unity of all things, material and spiritual.
  9. Number nine the esoteric meaning of the number nine is connected pertaining with the idea of ​​wholeness and perfection
  10. Number ten or zero signifies completion and wholeness of the self
  11. # 13 is considered unlucky in many cultures and make signify bad luck if pressed