Understanding Emotions In Our Dreams

In the enigmatic dream realm when up means down and left means right, what does it say about expressing our emotions?

Well it turns out that majority of our repressed emotions we bottle up have a tendency to rare its ugly head at night. These unconscious emotions often manifest themselves as various different symbols, while other times these feelings are directly expressed in our dreams.

Emotion Dream Meaning

Dreams have the ability to tap into the emotional processes so much so it allows the person to gain access to the closed parts of their inner world. In essence by investigating the emotions expressed in your dream you will not only understand more about yourself, but expand your emotional awareness – resolving and avoid conflicts, building better relationships, resolve issues better, and move past difficult feelings.

Find out what your emotions in your dream are trying to tell you and how stop it in its tracks.

#1. Anger Dream Meaning

Many things may trigger anger, including anxiety, family problems, fears, depression and financial issues. This misunderstood emotion tends to project itself on other outlets such as work, drugs, binge eating — rather than dealing with the problem head on.

Symbolically speaking anger tends to emerge in our dreams representing volcanos, lava, fire, color red, violent acts and even shooting someone. Alternatively, more direct dreams of yelling, injustice, and confusion may in fact be linked to repressed anger. Usually who you are upset with shows hidden frustration or agitation with this person.

  • practice mindfulness meditation.
  • exercise and diet
  • don’t hold grudges
  • self-awareness and self-control
  • express pent up emotions on pen and paper

#2. Dreaming Of Disgust

The powerful feeling of revulsion or strong disapproval aroused by something unpleasant is quite common in our dreams. Unfortunately, this emotion usually goes undetected in our walking life and makes its appearance in our dreams — often masked as toilets, eating something gross, vomit or human waste.

A metaphoric message implying you have unacknowledged or unconsciously rejected these traits, behaviors or urges that belong to you. Why toilets appear so often is the need to flush or rid these embarrassing feelings that are held within.

  • observe your negative thought patterns
  • avoidance
  • poor diet
  • toxic behaviors
  • uncontrolled urges

#3. Experiencing Happiness & Joy Dreams

If you dream of being happy or experience happiness in your dream might reflect the parts of your life that need light and love. These dreams are often constructed pointing you to the answer where to find your own inner happiness so you can become a complete individual.

Usually when the dream arises from theses types of dreams they feel recharged or mentality rejuvenated.

  1. Do you suffer from depression?
  2. Are you unable to find happiness in your life?
  3. When was the last time you felt happy?
  4. Maybe you are just a happy go lucky person

#4. Dreaming of Sadness

Sadness in dreams arises as a result of feeling a sense of loss or life’s challenges. Sadness metaphorically manifests in our dreams as dark grey settings, rain storms, dark wavy waters and feeling of being lost. Crying in dreams can also be seen as a need to release these repressed feelings you are harboring inside.

A negative emotion that is often deflected by underlying feelings of  anger, stress, guilt, grief, anxiety or hopelessness. In essence by crying in your dream you are releasing these feelings that have been pent up resulting in change in your walking life. These types of dreams can be so profound that the dreamer may even wake up crying from sleep.

  • family problems at home
  • losing a friend or a loved one
  • moving from place to place
  • becoming ill or caring for someone who is sick
  • experiencing hormone changes in your body
  • negative thought patterns and doom and gloom thinking

#5. Dreaming Of Fear

Sometimes we have subconscious fears, perceived threats, and limiting beliefs hiding at a deeper level. Fear, like any other emotion, is mostly information. It can become a benefit that offers us awareness and power once we accept and embrace it in our lives.

In almost all cases our anxieties and fears symbolically morph into unknown killers, monsters, snakes, vicious animals, or drowning. A tell tail sign is when the dreamer is running for dear life or hiding from this so called threat. These dreams hope you pay attention to the underlying message hoping you will turn around and face your fears so you will no longer be consumed by them.

  • waking up scared from a dream
  • dreams that wake you up suddenly
  • disturbing vivid dreams
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1 year ago

I laid down to take a nap and had a very unusual and vivid dream: DREAM; It was night time. Tom and I drove up to this place (wasn’t sure in my dream what kind of place it was.) As soon as we got out a guy ducked behind our car because apparently there was a shoot out going on between two gang groups. I was still not sure where we were. We went inside quickly. I knew it wasn’t a store. It had several rooms. I lost where Tom had went, and I went out side to look for… Read more »

1 year ago

I keep having this dream, where I show up to someone’s house, and I panic as soon as I realize where I am. I am Instantly confused, and try to get my kids and leave. The first time I tried to leave a children’s blanket was wrapped around my feet and I kept my kids “go get back in the car, we’re not supposed to be here” and I can’t get my feet free. I lost my dream after that for a little bit. When I come back to my dream, I’m in my car, parked at a construction site… Read more »