Eagle Dream Meaning

Spotting an eagle is a very rare sight these days. When the eagle has appeared in your dreams consider yourself lucky. Eagles in dreams are highly symbolic birds that represent vision, strength and higher consciousness.

This powerful bird has specifically come to you during a specific time in your life. The eagle acts as a messenger possibly from the spirit world wanting your attention. When the eagle attacks be sure to be on high alert. The size relates to the importance of the hidden message – the bigger the better.

Eagles Connection With The Third Eye

Before we jump to the gun to what an ‘eagle’ may represent in your dreams we must first be able to identity it characteristics and apply them metaphorically in your life. Eagles are very complex profound symbols that may connect to success and higher powers.

Eagle Symbolism In Dreams:

  • Good luck
  • Freedom/reaching goals
  • Introspection
  • The spirit
  • Higher powers communicating
  • Intuition
  • Vision (third eye)

Eagle Dreams: The Apex Predator

What makes the eagle such a mighty symbol relates to them being on top of the food chain, with no natural predators. This alpha bird may be representation of your true inner strengths that are laying dormant inside, similar to the hawk they are stealth flyers that see you before you see it.

The eagle are known to be one of the strongest birds with the ability to carry the heaviest loads. Could this represent your ability to carry more than others?

Eagle Dreams: Outstanding Vision

Another metaphoric symbol would be directed at the eagles eyesight. The size of the eagles eyes and pupils are extremely large are very large compared to the size of their heads.

This symbol alone suggests you might be able to see things that others cant. Eagles see in five main colors, whereas humans see only three. A sign that you have the ability to look beyond what the eye can see, a possible connection to your intuition. Alternatively, the eagle encourages you to explore and develop these senses.

A Message From The Spirit Realm?

Despite being able to see far away, eagles have a close connection to the spirit world. The Natives understood that these magnificent birds appear to be sacred  as a sign of the Creator.

They are symbols that encourage you to follow your spiritual path, to connect with your true self. The ability to fly high in the air, high above you is symbolic to higher consciousness.

Another interesting connection is its relation to the wind. Wind is often translated in dreams as the spirit/shifts/changeability used as force we can feel but cannot see. The eagle moves in harmony with the wind as if it encourages you to let go and trust the movements from above.

Eagle Fun Facts

  1. Sight is the strongest of all eagle senses
  2. Ability to detect UV light
  3. Eagles are monogamous they mate for life
  4. A species that is known to feed on big prey such as monkeys and sloth

Eagle Attack Dreams

It is not uncommon for people to dream of an eagle attack. These dreams are warning that suggest you will bombarded by something you didn’t see coming. This attack might take shape of someone, something unconscious.

By understanding what an eagle means to you will help you better decode the dream. Let’s say for example: The eagle is known for it’s freedom to an American; metaphorically this would be an attack on your freedom.

Another approach to this dream would be to examine things that are unconscious that pose a threat in your life. Going against your intuition, instincts or trusting your higher power makes the eagle turn on you.

In essence the eagle would act as your guide you have been ignoring for sometime and to do the right thing.

Eagle Colors Dreams

In most dreams the color of the eagle stands out, often seen as golden or white. These are two very symbolic colors that represent purity, strength, vision, guidance and success.

A sign that you have trusted your path and you are being rewarded. A sign that your creator has a purpose for you.

Eagle Bible Dream Meaning

Depicted in Christian art, the eagle often symbolizes the resurrection of Christ as the sight of an eagle rising in flight is a powerful one.

This “ravenous bird” is a symbol of the nations who God employs and sends forth to do a work of destruction, keeping away whatever is decaying and putrescent.

Eagle Interesting Facts

  1. They have wingspans of around 1.8 meters.
  2. Eagles eyes heal faster than humans
  3. The eagles you’re mostly likely to see in Canada are bald eagles and golden eagles.
  4. Bald eagles like to eat fish, while golden eagles often hunt rabbits, squirrels and other birds.
  5. Legend has it that the Aztec people of Mexico found the perfect place to build a new city after looking for an eagle on a cactus eating a snake.
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1 year ago

I dreamt A small but beautiful golden eagle came to my outstretched arm. It landed gently, and although when awake, I know they are quite heavy, this one felt barely there.
It seemed to know me, and I felt joy at seeing it. I woke up shortly after.

1 year ago

I had a dream about a burning tree next to my childhood home and as I went into my this home I went to the far side and looked out the window. There were 3 bald eagles perched in the tree staring at me. I was not scared but almost entranced. 3 eagles seems to be a theme.

1 year ago

I had a dream last night that an eagle came to me to get help as it had hurt its wing. It was a bald eagle and never tried to attack me

Renee Schram
Renee Schram
2 years ago

I had a dream of a Bald Eagle. I was with my son and daughter, the Eagle sat on my son’s shoulder then head, he was so gentle with my son, then flew on top of his head. It was the most amazing dream I have had. I woke up and thanked god for everything he has blessed me with

2 years ago

Last night I had a dream where I was with family and looked around the corner to see a nest of 3 Eagles different ages. I felt it was a Mom a dad and a baby. They just looked at me and were calm like they had been living that close to me for a long time.

2 years ago

I had a dream last night that I was with people I know and I saw about 3 huge bald eagles , 2 brown color and the last one was a big white eagle, this white eagle which was catching a dog. That’s how I knew how huge the eagles were!! (The eagles then landed close by and came specifically to befriend myself this white eagle never tried to attack me bisides she was protecting me.

Reply to  Victor
2 years ago

I had a similar dream of a huge brown eagle catching a goat, it was struggling to fly with it and dropped it in the sea and then grabbed it again and flew off. I don’t know what this meaning is. In my dream I was sad for the goat

Eagle Eyes
Eagle Eyes
2 years ago

I had a dream last night that I was with people I know and we saw about 3 huge bald eagles of different ages & genders, like a family, in the sky attacking black birds which I first thought were just grackles, but were actually buzzards with pink heads. That’s how I knew how huge the eagles were!! (The eagles then landed close by and came specifically to befriend myself and my friends/family, letting us pet them while they snuggled up to us like pets. We were initially alarmed because we knew they could be dangerous if unfriendly. This was… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Eagle Eyes