Dreaming about Earrings

Did you know the practice of ear piercing dates as far back as 3,000 BCE. A mummy known as Ötzi was found frozen in ice near the Italian and Austrian border had an ear piercing gauged to 11 mm. This is why when we dream of earrings it is not just an symbol of luck and prosperity, but rather something that contains higher value.

Due to its close proximity to the human ear we must examine the SPIRAL shape inside the earlobe to understand its true significance. The earring is not as significant as what it is metaphorically attached to – the spiral or inner ear brings the dreamers attention to rebirth and enlightenment process. Though to truly grasp the meaning of the earring of your dream you will first need to understand the symbolic nature of the spiral.

Earring & Spiral Spiritual Significance 

  • To listen to your inner voice
  • Guiding or pulling you towards awakening
  • Spiritual enlightenment
  • Outward appearance (beauty and prestige)
  • Fertility and rebirth

Earring Dreams: Spiritual Connection

The images that are presented to you in dreams could be a basic symbol of your outwardly appearance to others, but sometimes it has a deeper meaning. The earlobe is a common place for most piercing and earrings on the human body. Earlobes are considered very symbolic to the eastern religions, like Buddhism and Hinduism.

If you notice Buddha had long earlobes that symbolized a conscious rejection of the material world and the path towards enlightenment. The Hindu God Ganesha also had long ears that symbolized to listen more. The deeper we investigate with earlobes we tend to open up a can of worms. It is a scientific fact that earlobes are the only part on the human body that goes after we die. The specific type of color and earring might be metaphoric to your life, psyche and spirit  – in this world and the next.

Earring Dreams: Fertility & Rebirth

Earrings might also be metaphoric relating to fertility due to its connection with the SPIRAL. A earrings would be attached to this ear (whorled shell) that can be interpreted as the vulva.

Could the piercing and the shell be symbolically referred to Mary in the Bible? A relation to the divine conception of Jesus Christ in her body? Thus representing a rebirth or awakening within?

The shape of the ears has a look for the shell, circle, horn and spiral; all highly symbolic images in religious across the world.

Silver Earrings Dream Meaning

Dreaming of silver earrings brings your attention your feminine energy. Informing you of the balance between the yin and yang, emotions (moon) within. Silver in alchemy and our dreams is considered one of the noble colors, a sign of transformation, purity, combined with increased feminine energy.

Dream Of Gold Earrings

The color GOLD in dreams is usually associated with prestige, luck, wealth, masculine, and transformation. Gold is considered one of the most highly valued symbols when it emerges in our dreams; its powerful energy provides life and growth to the dreamer. To dream of gold earring is a very powerful symbol as it bridges the all mighty power of the SUN and combines it with the SPIRAL (shape of ear) – resulting in new found growth that will illuminate your mind, body and soul. It’s location towards the ear might suggests your love to the divine, turning  hate and selfishness into qualities like love. In alchemy the a symbol of self – purification.

Dream Of Receiving Earrings

Dreaming of receiving earrings in our dream is a very positive omen that suggest you will be “gifted” or metaphorically inherited something very valuable. Oddly enough we often receiving gifts from the deceased in the afterlife; earrings being a symbol of the cycle of rebirth or the path to ENLIGHTENMENT.

Your dream will offer you clues to help you decode it as this will be unique to the dreamer. The location and the person who gave are hints that bring you closer to the meaning. A sign that you are going to be receiving good news or possibly a gift that might be unconscious to you. You have been chosen to wear something that others will see. What could that be?

Dreaming Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings in your dream represent fidelity, love, purity, good fortune, and eternity. These are positive dream symbols that reflect who you are in the inside, a lucky find. It also can be seen as LIGHT itself, the SUN (masculine energy); it is an emblem of purity and perfection, and increased spiritual power. Pearl earrings are also positive dream omens that suggest luck and emotional unconsciousness.

Lost Earring Dream Meaning

Whatever is lost needs to be found within. Losing items in dreams are fairly common, however earrings tend to bring you attention to do some soul searching in order to become complete.