Dreams About Your Ex

10 Reasons Why You’re Dreaming About Your Ex

Are you confused on why you are still dreaming of your ex? Well it turns out that dreaming of our ex is more common than you think, in fact it is in the top most common themes we experience and yet leaves baffled in the morning.

The vast majority of ex dreams has nothing to do with them but hidden elements that still remain within you.  Basically all of your unconscious feelings, past memories and repressed emotions are tangled up in your mind and is still living in the present moment. The main goal for your dream would be for you to heal and find closure, however this is not as easy as it seems.

Our dreams have a strange tendency to use the image of our ex to bring something to our attention, unfortunately some of these dreams are downright bizarre.

This article will explore the spiritual reasons why you are still having dreams with your ex, find ways to let go, and to stop them from recurring.

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Types Of Ex Dreams

  • dreaming about your ex’s family
  • ex husband’s new wife
  • your ex is moving on
  • dreaming of your ex dying
  • dating other people including your family
  • ex dumping, ignoring or rejecting you
  • saving you, saying he is sorry or even shooting you
  • coming back to you or in a romantic relationship

#1. You are still not over them

Usually right after a breakup, it is normal to have feelings for an ex. These shared fun memories, many intimate moments and experiences just doesn’t disappear overnight. Since they are part of our past, whether you like it or not, they have still left an imprint on our minds and shaped us to who we are today. These unresolved emotions such as anger, confusion, hate, and love have a tendency to make its appearance in our dreams – often masked in various forms.

#2. Technically, your ex is dead!

The fact of the matter the reason why breakups are so difficult because they mimic death of something that was once important to you. Even though they are still alive somewhere, the final abrupt ending can mirror hearing about a sudden death of a loved one. Like most painful or negative feelings are actively push aside because they overwhelm you, but only to find out they come out in our dreams.

This is why many people Dream Of Their Ex Dying so often in their dreams because you will no longer see this person again. Alternatively, when your ex dies in your dream it might imply you have now mentality moved on.

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#3. Dreaming of being romantically Involved With Your Ex

Before we jump into the meaning you will want to figure out if you still want your ex back in your life. If the answer is no, than dreaming of being romantically involved with your ex contains more unconscious elements instead of anything phyical. The dream might use your past experiences to inform you that you may need some affection, love, repression or a lack of passion in your life. Alternatively, dreaming of making love with your ex might reflect a new relationship in our life that reflects similarly.

#4. Ex dreams and looking for closure

Getting closure after a break up will almost inevitably take longer than expected, in fact these troublesome emotions manifest in our dreams. Oftentime when we are Ignored By Your Ex in Your Dreams it represents your own mental fog from that past that is not allowing you to move forward.

Article: How To Understand Being Ignored In Your Dreams 

  1. Take full responsibility for yourself. It’s ultimately up to you to take the necessary actions to help move you forward. …
  2. Grieve the loss. Give yourself permission to feel sad.
  3. Forgive your ex. Focus on the positives.
  4. Make a plan for the immediate future.
  5. Create a ritual.
  6. Accept that you may never get an apology from your ex.

#5. You keep falling for the wrong guy

Are you still in search for the same type of partner you had in your past? A new study at the University of Toronto finds that people usually find a particular type of partner and usually gravitate toward this type, no matter the circumstances.

Your ex could be only appearing in your dream to inform you of the same patterns in your life and expecting different results.

How To Break the Mold, Build New Patterns

Realistically speaking the only way to change our own habits and behaviors is to start a new one. If you’ve ever tried to give up a bad habit in the past or learn a new skill, then you already know how hard it is to follow a new path.

  • identify the problem patterns
  • pay attention to your action and not words
  • write down what type of partner you want
  • build your confidence

Tip: According to Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist who founded analytic psychology this so called man you keep meeting could be connected to your anima; the masculine within the feminine that you are insearch for to become complete. This unconscious yearning connects back to the relationship you had with your father.

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#6. Are you dreaming of your ex’s family?

Dreaming of your ex family represents reflecting on past memories, similar parallels that you see with your new partners family, wondering what your life would be like if you were still together, or maybe you just miss them. Depending on your relationship with the family and the context of the dream will alter the meaning, however as humans we naturally seek a family of our own and this dream might be reflecting it.

#7. Dreaming of my ex new partner

It is quite common to Dream Of Your Ex new girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife because they are merely a reflection of you. Humans tend to attract similar characteristics in the same partners so dreaming of your ex new wife or husband represents the traits and behaviors that are unconscious within you.

Maybe we are thinking too deep into this matter. Maybe you are dreaming of your ex new partner because you might be curious what they are up to, or maybe you see yourself in their shoes.

#8. It’s a symbol of a bigger problem

Dreams have a tendency to pull out hidden feelings of insecurity, fears of abandonment and low confidence by your ex being a total jerk in your dream. Experiencing dreams of your ex either dumping, ignoring, trying to kill you or even shooting you are negative themes that encourages you to build your confidence and know yourself worth.

Your exs aggression or general mean disposition tells you that this issue belongs to you and not him. You might have felt so hurt from the past that you are unable to express your feelings towards the situation. Usually when our exs attack us with a gun or trying to hurt us it becomes a direct attack on our mind, body and soul.

Mental Hacks to Be More Confident in Yourself
  1. Accept your emotions
  2. Never confuse memory with facts
  3. Positive thinking
  4. Think positive to overcome your negativity bias
  5. Raise your curiosity levels
  6. Overcome self-doubt and stop negative thinking patterns
  7. Accept your past for what it is and move on

9. You’re afraid someone else will break your heart again

Oddly enough we tend to dream more about our ex when we are starting a new relationship because of our past fears. Emotionally investing in someone requires faith, trust and confidence since nobody likes have their hearts broken a second time. Our ex will show up in our dream to protect you against your past hurt so it doesn’t happen again.

10. You are trying to forgive them?

By forgiving your ex you are technically forgiving yourself. We often dream of our ex for our own peace of mind so we can move on; dreaming of our ex moving on is a very positive symbol that represents you moving on and not them. If you ex emerges in your dreams to tell you sorry it is another positive symbol of acceptance in your life. What was once unconscious within is now out of the bag for you to move on.

Bonus: Spiritual Meaning Of Ex In our Dreams

I noticed many people online are searching for the spiritual meaning of dreaming of your ex. Dreams are the psyche’s attempt to communicate important things to the individual that give us an opportunity to find out what is really going on behind the scenes.

Whether you like it our not our exs came into our lives to teach us a lesson about life and ourselves. We do ourselves an injustice when we are unable to move on or grow from this experience. Your dream will metaphorically code your ex around particular locations, settings and moods as clues to become aware of the root cause.

Despite how vivid, exciting or nightmarish our ex appears in our dreams they contain a very valuable message that can only be understood by the dreamer with a little introspection. Our exs in dreams are a manifestation of our old selves living in the present moment. Are you the same person as you were years ago?

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1 day ago

I had a dream about my ex. He was just walking around but he was pretending to be someone else. He has been in hospital for a while having issues and is now on a ventilator and not breathing on his own. Y would I dream about him last night

2 days ago

I dreamt of my ex and i having sex, when we were caressing each other the tv turned on and there were pictures of his current love interest on screen. He asked me if i was ok when i saw the pictures and we continued having sex passionately.

In real life we have been talking daily but i have recently confronted him as i dont want to talk to him and become friends with him anymore ever since he has a new love interest.

7 days ago

Umm so basically I’ve been dreaming about my ex, like I dream we made out and the other was weird we was somewhere and he gave me some flash cards and the cards said why aren’t we together yet but someone was beside him I guess his homeboy and he didn’t want him to see what he wrote on the card.

10 days ago

My ex keeps coming back every now and then (technically we were not even together, due to distance seeing each other just from time to time for a few years, but there definitely was some intense bond between us). These dreams are positive, sometimes having some weird/unrealistic inputs. The last one was us staying physically close in what seemed to be his place. His head on my lap and caressing. At some moments he’d suddenly go to another room. Following, I’d find him crying there so I’d give my support, let him cry and just be there. Suddenly the picture… Read more »

Vivid reality
Vivid reality
12 days ago

I often have dreams about 2 of my ex’s houses. The house is usually different each time but I know it’s his house. There’s always room after room after room. And with one of the exes he always lives next door and I want him to see me living in his big house. What does this mean?

18 days ago

An ex was in my dream after we broke up just less than a week ago. I asked if I could cancel going to the Vegan Festival where he invited me to go with him because I wasn’t feeling well. He stood up, climb down a staircase and walked out the main door of my childhood house. I tried stopping him but he ignored me, left, and never returned.

Richard A Wingfield
Richard A Wingfield
1 month ago

So my ex who I will always love appeared in my dream last night. I haven’t thought about her much lately. It has been almost 10 years since I broke up with her. In the dream she was single again. I was visiting her family for since reason and in the morning we me saw each other. She was still pissed at me and even commented on the neighbor because she could and she was hot. After that I fought for her back. After I proved my feelings and kissed her, she cane back to me. At the end I… Read more »

Devin Loving
Devin Loving
5 months ago

Normally ex ignores or tries to avoid me in dreams, but latest dream she is with me and is laughing and happy.