Find Out How Covid-19 Appears In Our Dreams

Fears of contracting Covid-19 virus has sent shock waves though the entire planet causing a worldwide shut down. As this virus spreads globally we are under constant bombardment from news outlets and online media sources daily.

This pandemic has simultaneously induced an epidemic of anxiety and tension that still remains a threat. As a result our sleeps have become less enjoyable and our dreams more vivid and alarming.

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak we have noticed an increasing tread in specific type nightmares. These are not your usual dreams of being chased or teeth falling out, they are now being displayed as natural disasters.

Disasters are appearing in our dreams more than ever. Rarely you will have a dream of an actual virus taking over but something less subtle.

Tornado Dreams 

Dreaming of tornadoes seems to be a common tread at the moment. The symbol of the tornado has become a reflection for what is currently taking place at the moment. As we are looking out of our windows we watch the disaster unfold in front of our eyes.

A tornado has become a metaphor for something that has come in fast, unexpected, and is extremely destructive. It’s ability to destroy towns and cities mimics the devastation Covid-19 has impacted our society and mental health.

  • job losses
  • losing properties
  • complete shut down
  • cant run away, must stay inside
  • financially insecure
  • spreads fast
  • need to rebuild or restructure

We can also compare the tornado building up far beyond where are eyes can see (China). This powerful force has wrecked one country and has just arrived on our door step.

The tornado would become symbolic to an unpredictable dangerous force we have no control over or understand its direction. Despite is ravaging force it comes in quick and leaves fast. Hopefully society would be able to rebuild psychology and financially when this is all over.

Tsunamis Dreams

Why would tsunamis have anything to do with Covid-19? Since dreams speak to us in a metaphoric language their is nothing better than this natural disaster to emerge in our dreams.

Water has been synonymous with our emotions in dreams that are often unconscious to us. The deep vast unexplored ocean connects to your hidden or repressed emotions that have finally come to the shore. Something scary has now come to the surface (consciousness).

  • defense mechanisms
  • repressed fears and anxieties
  • emotional threat or attack
  • vulnerable and insecure

Just like any unpredictable event you do not have much time to prepare. You might have felt or heard the earthquake, something rumbling from below the surface (China), and now the waiting period is over.

Similar to an earthquake or tornado, tsunamis remind us of destruction but more on a emotional unconscious level. A warning to express your feeling and emotions before they build up and cause more negativity around you.

Apocalypse Dreams

Dreaming about an apocalypse seems to fit right in the Covid-19 category.  Defined as a great disaster or some sort of cosmic cataclysmic which is connected with God. A prophetic revelation which the forces of good permanently triumph over the forces of evil.

Could this dream represent your feelings about modern man? Possibly a backlash from all the negative energy that has been building up on earth? Do you think mother nature is fighting back agaist man kind?

  • poverty
  • on going wars
  • cruelty to animals (food)
  • greed and gluttony
  • consumerism

Apocalypse dreams often connected to the spiritual side of the dreamer. This is a force that out of your control as it’s in the hands of God. It could be possible you have always been preparing for a zombie apocalypse?

The infection could be metaphoric to how zombies have been depicted in movies.

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