Dreams of Running Away

Running away in your dreams is so common that it ranks one of the highest searches around the world. Why is running away such a universal dream symbol?

Well it turns out that despite your culture, wealth, or status in life, the average human collectively shares an unwanted emotion called fear. Fear is a natural response that alerts us to the presence of danger or the threat of harm, whether that danger is physical or psychological.

Running Away In Dreams

Whenever we are ‘running away’ from something in our dreams it brings our attention to our unconscious fears that you avoid facing in your walking life. These hidden fears we are unable to face in our lives tend to rare their ugly heads in our dreams and manifest as monsters, masked men, police, evil, lions and from someone trying to kill you.

Basically these are fears that we are not aware of as they operate outside our awareness so you will have to make them conscious to you.

Running Away Dreams

  • reflect the areas in your life that provokes fear and anxieties
  • what situations could  you be avoiding?
  • who or what has power over you?
  • friends, social setting, emotions, relationships, family, behaviors, emotions, urges.

Running Away Dreams Symbolism

The last thing some people want to hear is that horrible dream of being chased is actually trying to help them. It turns out that their are more benefits to your nightmares and recurring dreams than to say flying in your dream. Why is this? Well who else is going to help you if you cant help yourself?

All you need to know is how your dreams communicate with you. The more vivid and alarming the dream the more you may have repressed or neglected this problem in your life. Basically your dream is trying to tell you “Hey, wake up and smell the roses” as this is causing you mental distress in your life. It is your guide tying to help you get your attention in a harsh way and will continue to do so until you face what it is you are running from.

Now the tricky part is where exactly is the root of the problem stemming from. This is not such an easy task since this is issue is unknown to you, however your dream will provide with with enough metaphoric clues to point you in the right direction.

Why Am I Running Away In My Dream

Essentially you will need to become an inner detective by investigating your past and present self. Often times our unconscious fears are masked by anxiety, depression, unfulfilling relationships, insecurities and addictions. Whatever remains unconscious to you has controlled you like a puppet on a string and will only stop once you address this problem.

Now that we understand that your fears have manifested into whatever man or monster is making you run, the next step would be to identify it. Failure to face what you are running from will result in feelings of anger, inadequacy, weaknesses, shame, and guilt. Once you recognize your weakness you then can heal the emotional wound.

  1. Fears of failing or rejection,
  2. A fear of not being loved,
  3. Scared of being blamed, not succeeding or making mistakes,
  4. Fear of not being good enough,
  5. Fear of authority figures,
  6. Standing up for yourself.

Dream: Running Away From Someone

More than likely you are running away from someone you don’t know, or unable to recognize the face. The person you are running away from is an embodiment of your fears. They are unrecognizable because you are not able to see it in your life.

This unknown person could mirror the human shadow, basically the disowned or rejected parts of yourself that remains hidden. These are repressed feelings, behaviors, instincts, sexual urges and drives that you are blind too.

When our shadow remains unconscious, it wrecks havoc in our life. The main goal is to face this person you are running away from by shedding light on the dark areas in your life. How do I do this? You can start first by writing down your fears and paying attention to your thoughts and emotions.

The location and people in your dream are clues in what you could be running from.

Dream: Running From Home or Child

Homes are very symbolic in our dreams that can reflect the person mind/psyche.  Running away from home can be a bit harder to decode as they both relate to avoiding something but where exactly. Could it suggest you are avoiding something from the past or relating to your family life.

Different areas in the house contain different meanings as well as what is chasing you. If you notice a child running away it connects you to your own inner child in life. This was who you where in the past, the child that is emotionally effected. It needs you to rescue him or her (inner child dreams) to be at peace.

Dreams: Running Away From Police

Running away from police in dreams is often seen as a symbol of avoiding authority in your life. This can be anyone from parents, teachers, bosses or possibly your partner in your relationship.

Do you know who the police represent in your life that have control, power, responsibilities authority over you? These factors can be both internal or external forces in your life that appear during times of needed discipline.

Running Away From Snakes, Fire and Monsters

Snakes in our dreams have a duel meaning representing our own innate fears, or other people in our lives. Who or what could the snake be? The color, location, people around you are clues to help narrow down its meaning – snake dream meaning.

Monsters are are basically your own monsters that you have created within that have control over you. The very moment you face your fears you will defeat the monster.

Fire is a very powerful symbol that represents transformation but danger once out of control. You might be fearful of your very own transformation or destructive path.

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1 year ago

I’ve have 2 dream of running away this week. One was a girl I didn’t know stole a wallet and then sat beside me, security came and I threw a water jug in the air and ran away. Yet it had nothing to do with me.
The second was at a hall with a bunch of people I didn’t know ,there were tons of chairs and tables and food cooking. I tried to start a fight with this massive guy but he didn’t want to. Then I just stating running around the hall. Again no real reason to run.

1 year ago

I had a dream that my fiancé, myself, and my daughter were about to go on a road-trip and we had the car all packed but when we went to pick up my daughter from school, they kept saying we couldn’t pick her up because we didn’t sign her. In the dream we ended up putting my daughter in the car anyways and left and the people in the school were like we have to call the police on them now. So the rest of the dream was us trying to take this road-trip but feeling like someone was going… Read more »

1 year ago

I’ve had recurring dreams where I’m usually running from adults/authority figures like teachers or store employees (lol) I never let them catch me.

The one time I was caught, these big guys wearing pig masks sawed off my entire leg and replaced it with a prosthetic. But when I got the chance, I ran off and made the prosthetic work through sheer willpower.

Jason Davis
Jason Davis
2 years ago

I’ve had running dreams many times. Usually its from some crime I think I did. I can never quite recall that crime. Could it be I’ve not acknowledged some wrongs I’ve done to others and avoiding that? Last night, quite vivid and I had apparently done wrongs to my family. So, here is a point for meditation?

2 years ago

I was running away from police . I was just a child and my mom was protecting me . ( she didn’t look like my mom but felt like my mom. I was wearing Spiderman boy shoes in my dream I must have been a boy)