Exposure Dreams In Public

One of the most common dreams are they ones that revolve around not wearing any clothes in public. The dream scenario usually takes place at work, around others in public or just casually walking down the street. One minute you have you clothes on and the next you are trying to cover yourself up.

You will wake up feeling very uncomfortable wonder why in God name you had this dream. According to studies, the feelings that are experienced in that particular dream reflects the emotions felt in your walking life.

Dreams have a unique ability to send messages from the unconscious to the conscious, however the complex language is usually coded in metaphors though symbols. Noticing that you are exposed suggests the awkwardness of possibly being exposed in areas that you normally cover up.

The unconscious will drop hints in the dream to bring your attention to this ignored subject. The vividness of the dream depends on how long and how neglected this current issue has become. If you are having trouble analyzing the context you can join our active dream forum and one of our trained experts will sort it out.

Metaphoric Translation:

  • Feeling exposed
  • Vulnerable 
  • Defenseless
  • Unprotected
  • Embarrassed 
  • Helplessness

Once you have understood the premise of your dream the next step would be to figure out what is the root of the problem. The dream has clues in the location, the people around you and what was taking place as you are scrambling to cover up. Your comfort level will determine how much will be effected by this exposure. You will need to explore your weak and vulnerable areas in your life and see if there are any similarities in the dream. You will noticed that you might be missing pants, dress or even a shirt.

Unconscious Clues:

  • Insecurity
  • Personal 
  • Self doubt
  • Being judged by others
  • Ashamed 
  • Shy 
  • Guilty
  • Exposing your shortcomings 
  • Anxieties 

Fear Of Public Exposure:

Dreams of exposure are quite common in public if you are someone who likes to engage themselves in gambling, drug use or involved with a mysterious. The rejected feelings of guilt and shame are stored in the unconsciousness and presented to you metaphorically in your dream. The fear knowing if you where caught the embarrassment it will cause.

People who engage in hyper critical and self judgmental thinking always find themselves a prisoner to other peoples views. You might be holding in a secret or dislike being exposed hence why you might be nude in a dream.

You might have secrets about yourself that you don’t want others to find out; particularly goals or hobbies that you might not want to show off.  Being nude might be a symbol of fear or embarrassment if you failed.

Wearing Clothes:

Clothes are something in a dream we never notice unless you are missing them. They are a symbol of protection and security, possibly hiding or reveling something about ourselves.

This movie gives you an idea what it feels like to be naked in your dreams. The feeling of everybody watching as you are trying to cover up. As you can see by the trailer people are laughing and snickering behind his back. Dreams have a tendency to have you feeling vulnerable like this as all you can think of is trying to get back on your clothes.


It is not unusual that you will be strutting around in your dream feeling confident nude. These dreams bring your attention to your confidence level and self appreciation either at work, personal or in public. You are not afraid to but your cards on the table and not afraid of what other people think of you. These are very positive dreams that show personal growth.

Other People:

Sometimes we notice friends or family members walking around without any clothes on in your dream. It might suggest you might see though them or exposing something about them.

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2 years ago

I dream that I want to enter lift to eight floor on the ground floor I saw myself naked

2 years ago

I dreamt of my sister in law who exposed herself from waist down showing her parts while squatting and I was embarrassed because my husband her brother was with me.

Rachel Michelle
Rachel Michelle
3 years ago

So I’m in a new relationship with a person that has several platonic female friends, in which I’m not accustomed to. So I’m overhearing his friends talk about his ex, and that infuriated me , so I walk into the room that they are in and everyone of his female friends are naked, except him. He’s laying in a real uncomfortable way, upside down with his head basically on the floor, giving me the sense that he can’t see them. These are his friends but the bodies of them are model like, just beautiful and flawless

Katherine Coull
Katherine Coull
3 years ago

I have reoccurring dreams that I’m working with Military members and I’m naked. There are times that I am looking for clothes and wonder why no one else notices that I’m naked.

Brenda Reed
Brenda Reed
4 years ago

I have been having multiple dreams of trying to cover my nakedness while around friends and public at the same time. Like with co-workers at a work conference or training. My concern is to be myself and confident, but my being naked makes me vulnerable and afraid of judgement. Very good topic.

Willy Lee
Willy Lee
4 years ago

WOW great article. This happened to me once in my dream. I was so embarrassed and everybody was watching me. Some people didn’t really care but I know my face was bright red. I was shopping and all of a sudden a man throws me pasta in my cart and next thing I know I am pushing this cart around trying to cover up. My brother was there with me and younger sister who where laughing.