Dreams About Rain

Dreams about rain generally represent our emotional state or a release of pent up feelings.

What does rain mean in your dream?

Rain likes to show up in our dreams when a release of unconscious pent up energy has now been released in your life. The trick however in finding out the meaning would be to examine the downpour, locations, or if rain fell on you.

The interesting part about rain as a symbol is the fact it can either point to a positive omen suggesting that all of your troubles will soon be washed away – or – you might be in a depressed state of mind.

How rain appears in our dreams

  • raining or entering inside your house
  • rain mixed with thunder and lightning
  • dreaming of rain falling on you
  • heavy rain and wind
  • rain coming through the roof
  • dreaming of rain during pregnancy
  • on your clothes

What is the spiritual meaning of rain in our dreams?

Regardless if you might think this dream is a bad omen or not, just remember after the rain it becomes sunny again. In the classic ancient Chinese philosophy of  Yin & Yang, rain act as the feminine energy (yin) that balances the masculine side of you (yang); a symbol that represents the sun. Spiritually speaking this duality or complementary forces will emerge in your dream to represent the balancing of these two unconscous forces.

Additionally, rain in our dreams could in fact represent a major cleansing that is taking place in your life at the moment. Since rain has the ability to wash away and clean up all the negative elements in our lives so new growth can flourish.

Rain can be a positive symbol regardless of its force as a message to imply a return of feelings after a long spell of dry intellectualism or drought. This might why DESERT dreams are seen as negative omens that represent a lack of the right nourishment in these areas in your mind. Noticing a soft or gentle rainfall implies a release from ideas and intellect.

When rain becomes hazardous in our dreams?

People who might suffer from depression or perhaps grieving the loss of a loved on might in fact dream of a heavy downfall. Repressed feelings that you may have trouble expressing in your life often appear in our dreams by rain drenching us — being overcome by sadness that shows on you.

Dreamers who notice an overflowing or an inundation of rain that surrounds the dreamer becomes a warning about losing sight and being emotionally consumed. An inability to acknowledge or released this pent up tension might result in drowning in future dreams.

What happens if rain enters your house?

Houses in dreams often connect the person to the psyche/mind or inner architecture; a symbol that protects the dreamer from the outside elements. Water inside this substructure becomes a negative symbol of unexpected or minor  inconveniences in our life.

To dream of rain in your house it represents concerns about your living conditions and comfort level being challenged. This is why so many people report dreaming of rain penetration through the ceiling in their dream — a symbol that represents damage to the metaphorical barriers you have put up.

Ceilings in your dream could point towards your own attitudes or beliefs that is used to protect your identity.

Heavy rain and wind dream meaning

Whenever the dreamer encounters both rain and wind together it combines your powerful urges; being moved by ideas and beliefs that are connected to your emotional state.

Because wind is something you feel but cannot see it often relates to the spiritual side, unconscious force or a powerful energy that will interact with this feeling. Wind in dreams is a powerful omen that lets you know that this will not only come in unexpectedly but a conscious shift might take place once settled.

Rain with thunder and lightning dreams

Mixing rain, thunder and lightning in a dream becomes a profound symbol representing some sort of shift in your life. Once combining the power of the lightening “sudden discharge that is both positive and negative”, the thunder “a warning of an outburst” and rain; a symbol of radical change.

Think about your emotional state when heavy rain emerges in your life. We often feel lethargic, thinking sad thoughts, daydream, and we are stuck in our homes or in dream terms our minds. A study in the journal Science found that about nine percent of people dislike rain because it causes feelings of anger and unhappiness.

Dreaming of rain during pregnancy

Vivid dreams while pregnant is not uncommon, in fact rain seems to show up being one of the common themes. But why? One interpretation can see the changing of hormones linked to and emotional state. A sudden onset of crying or intense emotions may manifest as rain. The next possibility might be related to your water breaking.

Rain falling on you in your dream meaning

Dream of water falling on you represents cleansing, inconveniences, emotional sadness and release. Rain that falls on the dreamer alters from positive to negative depending on how the dreamer felt in the dream. Feeling happy or content with rain water on you suggests that you will not let these hidden feelings affect you. Though the ones who get soaked would be the opposite.

What is the biblical meaning of rain in dreams?

Rain in the Bible can be seen as a positive omen implying that renewal is on its way.  Just as rain refreshes dry soil, God refreshes the souls of His people with His Holy Spirit.

Rains are heralded as a blessing from the Almighty and they are considered harbingers of good fortune. Rain’s peaceful presence is can be seen as a gift given to you by the Lord above. “Be still and know that I am God.” [Psalm 46:10] Rain can make us stop and be still suggesting it might be time to reflex or reserve your energy.

If you think about it rain make us pause in our day-to-day lives to soak up the surroundings and the moment that we are in. And with this comes a peace that can be overwhelming and so satisfying.

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8 months ago

I had a dream that it started raining crosses around me. I was on a hill running towards my house surrounded by different colored snakes (all dark colors). They were following me towards my house. I banged on the door but couldn’t get in and no answered. It was dark and I was terrified.