Dream of Being Robbed

I noticed how other dream interpretation sites suggest that being robbed in your dream represents financial loss. I just hope they don’t mention the next time you fly in your dream you should jump off a building to test your new found ability.

Dream symbols have a tendency to appear in a metaphoric sense and never actually representing the exact image. Unless you are prone to experiencing precognitive dreams on a regular than being robbed could actually come true.

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So what does being robben in your dream actually mean? Being Robbed In Your Dream represents an invasion or a breach of your privacy. The robber is known to enter thought the mind of the dreamer and not the wallet.

Reasons why you are being robbed in your dream

Being robbed in your dream is a negative theme that warns the dreamer that this attack will come in unexpected and sudden. What the dreamer needs to decipher if this unprovoked attack has already happened or will emerge out of the blue in the future.

Your dream will provide many symbolic clues about the robbery in your dream to help narrow down the meaning. Most dream robberies occur either at knife or gun point, car being stolen, witnessing a robbery, house broken into, at work; or specific items such as jewelry and cell phones. Depending on what was taken, EMOTIONS expressed, and locations are hints were this attack is stemming from.

Symbolic Emotional Clues 

  • shock, fear, angry, annoyance
  • grief, scared, sadness, despair
  • mistrust and vulnerability
  • sense of violation or lack of trusting someone

Who or what is the robber in your dream?

How did you feel when you were robbed in your dream? Take that feeling and see if it applies to any situation in your life where you personal space has either been exploited, or violated. Remember your sense of security has now turned upside down.

Being Robbed In Your Dream Examples

  • emotionally taken advantage of at work or relationships
  • someone violates your trust
  • something is stopping your progress from moving forward
  • infringement on your personal space
  • someone has plotted to take advantage of you
  • robbing your inner drive, happiness or comfort level

Items that are robbed in your dream?

To dream of your PHONE being robbed represents someone or something that may have sabotaged your communication with others. Phones in dreams are very symbol these days because they are basically the identity of the dreamer in one device. Once this is taken our life becomes a very big inconvenience.

If you dream of your JEWELRY being robbed it represents the valuable & personal things in our lives that have been compromised. Depending the jewelry will alter the meaning of the dream, however its wealth is often internal and is kept hidden away.

Money that is robbed in your dream symbolizes someone taking advantage of your hard work. Money is a symbol that contains past energy that allows the dreamer to flourish.

Robbery dream meaning

It is common for your car to be robbed in your dream which represents parts of our drive or forward movement that has been stopped.

If your house was robbed by an intruder it connects the dreamer to the mind (psyche) as homes are symbols of the inner architecture. Intruders that enter our houses are very symbolic in the sense they tend to remain hidden – a disturbance in your mental well being.

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A dream about being robbed at KNIFE point represents the negative elements that want to remove, detach, or penetrate (emotional) aspects of yourself. Being robbed at gunpoint however seems to be a direct attack of aggression and force.

Spiritual meaning of getting robbed

The spiritual meaning of being robbed in your dream encourages you to trust your instincts and protect yourself from the negative people or elements in your life.

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5 months ago

I dreamed someone I work with sent someone to rob my house. I watch from my moms as they robbed my house and left. My house was completely empty. I came back to my moms and they came back and robbed her they took everything even cars. ( but not my work car) then I confronted them and they stuck a gun on my face. I tried to call 911 but it went through to a weird recording. I eventually woke myself up.

5 months ago

I dreamt that a girl who lives on my boyfriend’s street was raising money for her dying mother and people kept robbing the packages that she was sending to do this. Later, we were walking down stairs into an underground station, 2 people robbed us at gun point and I remember looking at my phone and thinking “f*** that”. So I threw my phone down the stairs in hopes we could run away but I didn’t realise regular people were behind us, they ran to get my phone and then shot up at me, each one going through my feet.… Read more »

5 months ago

I had a dream I left my purse and work bag on a bench outside somewhere and I was out and about and when I realized I left my purse I went back to the bench and realized all of my possessions were gone including my car keys and my car, my house keys, my cash and photo ID and ss card. Everything was missing and I felt in the dream dread and hopelessness and emptiness.

9 months ago

I dreamt I was walking on the road, two guys came out from a truck that almost had an accident, one came across me and I dodged him, the other came, held me tight and try to rob me, I ran with a high speed descending a hill with the guy held onto me and a shout for help, suddenly, my late uncle came, I told him to hit the guy off me, but he was not interested in it, but was trying to do it amicably.

1 year ago

I dreamed a female came up to my car and open the door from opposite side of car and I told her to come to the other side so she could drive so I had time to get my gun out and my gun got stuck in my holster and I had to fight with it a little to get it out then finally got it out and pointed it to her and she stopped then walked away.

2 years ago

Reposting my dream under Intruders instead. I can’t seem to delete this.

Last edited 2 years ago by jackyoooi
2 years ago

I had a dream of a man named Gopi Patel who used to annoy me. But this time was different, he kept coming back and robbing my house. He used to rob me of my rupees in my panty drawer.