Pregnancy Dreams Meaning

Pregnancy dreams are one of the top dream searches for google estimating close to one million a month. It is very common to dream of being pregnant even when you not expecting; as well as actually being pregnant, and experiencing vivid dreams. Women who are actually pregnant tend to experience peculiar or more vivid dreams, where as a non-pregnant person has a more symbolic type dream.

Dreams speak to us in a language often coded in symbols and translated using metaphors or images. Pregnancy dreams are often positive dream symbols that suggest personal growth, new beginnings and inner child development.

Negative associations with the pregnancy are quite common often reflecting a lack of growth or failure  in your life. These dreams are often symbols of a lack of personal development or a failure to advance.

I’m Pregnant & Experiencing Weird Dreams

Women who are pregnant often report having increased dreams that tend to be extremely vivid. Commonly these dreams manifest into nightmares causing feelings of restlessness and anxiety during the night. It possible you have unconscious fears relating to giving birth; “Will I be a good mother?, “Would my baby be healthy?”

These repressed emotions emerge during  R.E.M sleep stages hence having more dream recall. Another possibility could be due to the changing of hormone levels. Studies have shown common images of water, fertility, moon, body changes; and being in labor during sleep.

The good news: You’re not the only parent-to-be grappling with new baby worries. Dreams have a tendency to pull out repressed feelings in a nightmarish setting.

During this time women seem to be a tad bit more neurotic than usual. Here are some of the most common fears women tend to express when pregnant. You will then be able to see how these feelings emerge in dreams.

Fears That Influence Your Dreams:

  • Fear #1: A baby will ruin my marriage.
  • Fear #2: I won’t bond with my baby.
  • Fear #3: I won’t be able to breastfeed.
  • Fear #4: I’ll handle my baby wrong.
  • Fear #5: I’ll accidentally hurt my baby.
  • Fear #6: My life wouldn’t be the same again.
  • Fear#7: My freedom is now gone.
  • Fear#8: I will look old and ugly.
  • Fear#9: Baby vs Career?
  • Fear#10: Embarrassed to breast feed.

Common Dreams When Pregnant

  1.  Gender of Your Baby: Most of these dreams symbolize the uncertainty of not knowing the sex. Usually people want a certain gender and it will be transmitted in your dream.
  2.  Conception: During the very first stages of the pregnancy, women tend to dream of conception. However, these dreams are not as clear cut as one might think. You will notice an increase of water dreams revolving around fishes or animals.
  3.  Giving Birth To Animals: As bizarre as it sounds dreaming giving birth to animals is not unusual. Often times women are giving birth to a litter of kittens or puppies.
  4. Trapped:  Dreams of being stuck or trapped might suggest a fear of losing your freedom. Having a child requires a lot of work and dedication, being stuck shows you the inability to move like you once did.
  5. Lost My baby: Unconscious fears of becoming a parent might be displayed as a lost child. Feelings of not being ready or prepared to become a responsible parent.
  6. Baby Endangered: Dreams of protecting your baby from harm can be quite common. These nightmares bring your focus on future fears of responsibility as well being a parent.
  7. Breastfeeding: Dreaming of breastfeeding signifies the nourishment you will give your child. Depending on the context it may alter the message of the dream. These dreams often signify motherhood and the feminine side of the dreamer.
  8. Teeth Falling: Often times one might dream their teeth falling or crumbling. Unconscious fears of losing a child might be displayed in this manner.
  9. Partner Cheating: Cheating dreams are very common that reflects fears of commitment if you have a child. Do you think a baby will make him leave?
  10. Murder Dreams: Some woman experience very graphic horrible dreams of killing in a gruesome way. This is very common so don’t freak out.

 Pregnancy Dreams When You’re Not Pregnant?

If all dreams came true the next day this world would be in a strange state of affairs. When it comes to dreaming we receive enigmatic symbols for us to decode metaphorically. Common dreams of being naked suggest exposing aspects of ourselves to others that we normally cover up.

Sometimes death is a part of dreams that are often positive symbols representing rebirth. Similarly dreams of pregnancy suggests something new growing inside of you.

Most often these are very positive dreams hinting at personal growth, new beginnings or a rebirth in your life. However, the meaning of the dream can flip if the theme is negative – involve abortions, still born or miscarriages.

Are You Trying To Get Pregnant?

Could this be a wishful fulfillment or actual reality? Trying to get pregnant can quickly alter your life and influence your dreams –  usually when it takes longer than you expected. Infertility can be mentally frustrating, depressing as well as feeling you are on a emotional roller coaster. The anxiousness appears in your dreams feeling like a nightmare.

Positive Pregnancy Dreams Translated

Dreams of being pregnant brings your attention to your inner self that is undergoing change, growing or development. These dreams might be suggesting that hasn’t yet been developed yet but its growing. Being pregnant in your dream represents changes in direction, spiritually, goals or ideas in your life.

Pregnancy Test: Dreaming of a pregnancy test that is positive suggests the beginning or makings of new growth. If it is negative hints at the efforts are not working at the moment. It is possible you might be held back for the time being.

In Labor: Dreaming of going into labor hints that your are close to change. It will only be a matter of time before it emerges. Depending how the labor was suggest how easy or hard this transition would be. If the water is breaking it connects you to your emotional state, as if you endured a release.

Having A Baby: To dream you are having a baby reflects that new growth is now started in your life. A symbol representing growing something valuable inside is now ready to transform.  Noticing a baby girl might reflect a personal rebirth.

Breastfeeding: If you are breastfeeding a baby suggests you are giving the right nourishment for letting it develop into something special. These dreams connect you with the feminine side, nurturing and caring.

Holding Baby: In depth analysis: The nurturing side of what is taking place unconsciously.

Noticing Baby: These your dreams connect you to good news, success and movement. This has been a wish granted, possibly a wish from your childhood. One may also want to investigate levels of there immaturity as these dream can be metaphoric – hinting at wanting to be babied. How do you feel about babies? Could this be a wishful fulfillment? Could it suggest a need for a personal change (rebirth) within.

Baby Boy: If you are having a baby boy this reflects the masculine within the feminine emerging. According to Carl Jung you might be developing a connection with the animus.

Water Breaking: These dreams bring your attention to a new emotional state that will emerge soon. A build up will now release, possibly followed by some pain.

Someone Is Pregnant: Often times you might dream of family members, friends or loved ones pregnant. These are positive dream symbols, in which you have the unconscious knowledge that change is occurring with this person.

Negative Pregnant Dreams

Abortion: Dreaming of an abortion can be quite disturbing. These dreams often connect to failed goals, ideas or commitment in your life. They reflect the feeling of losing something that was once starting to grow. Something stopping you from growing or maturing internally. Could it be a metaphor for letting go of someones children? To terminate, break off something valuable in your life?

Bleeding: Dreaming of bleeding can be quite common. Blood is a very powerful symbol that brings your attention to your internal ‘life force’ or ‘energy’.

Umbilical Cord: If you notice the umbilical cord still attached suggest an inability to let go. You are still attached and not wanting to progress. These dream can also suggests a connection to the mother, a metaphor for still being emotionally attached.

Losing A Baby: These commonly vivid dreams often donate to losses and failed growth in your life. This could be an internal or external influence that made you lose something valuable.