Bus Dream Meaning

One of the many convenient modes of transportation that people tend to use on a regular basis are buses. The word ‘Bus‘ is derived from Latin word ‘Omni bus‘, meaning ‘For all’.

Unlike a car or motorbike, buses in your dream are distinct as it connects with community and your current movement. It has the ability to move quickly if you pay attention to its schedule, but can be easily missed if you are not aware. Buses emerge in your dream to reflect advancement, opportunities, chances and new stages in your life.

It’s distinct futures implies you might not be in full control as you enter the next “stop”or stage in your life. Depending the context it appears in, buses can represent both a negative or positive symbol in your dream.

Bus Dream Meaning

When we think of cars or driving in our dreams it actually connects us to our current life’s path, what unfolds determines if your future transition will be smooth or not.

Buses however are shorter stops that take you from one place to another collectively. Driving a car you have more control of your destination or outcome whereas a bus movements might be determined by someone else.

In your dream you will be provided with clues that will help you find out what does the “bus” mean in your life. The symbols that appear can become metaphoric relating to a specific area in your life.

  • Comfort of the ride?
  • The location you got on or off at?
  • If the bus left you.
  • Did the bus crash in your dream?
  • Noticing a bus accident.

Common Bus Dreams

As we mentioned above buses can represent advancement, opportunities, chances and new stages in your life. Positive associations with buses such as getting off at stops, or having a comfortable ride suggest good things to come in the future. If you are waiting at a bus stop might imply you are prepared to catch the next opportunity to move forward – patience is virtue.

However buses commonly appear in a negative context such as crashes, accidents, fires, or even noticing the bus leaving you. Similar to car crashes these dreams are pulling up images of failed opportunities or chances in your life. Something may have held you back from advancing, but not to worry as many other buses are scheduled to come and pick you up.

Fun Facts:

The first double-Decker bus was actually a 18th century horse-drawn coach where passenger would frequently go to sit on the top. Did you know before the 1920 school buses had cloth curtains rather than glass window.