Dreaming Of Bridges

Ever since the beginning of time bridges have served an important purpose in our lives, its primary purpose is for people, animals, and later on vehicles to cross safely and efficiently from one side to the other.

In dreams bridges become a metaphor relating to crossing a boundary, bridging two parts together, as well as re-establishing relationships in our walking lives.

However the image of the bridge contains both a negative and positive aspects as it has the ability to join and ultimately fall to your death.

Bridges are fascinating dream symbols that informs the dreamer of success or potential failure reflects parts of their lives. Strongly associated with falling and opportunities find out what

Why Bridges Are Symbolic In Dreams

In dreams, a bridge represents the transition from one state to another, higher connection, like a rebirth; it is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Though out many cultures it symbolizes what is consciously perceived and what is beyond perception (unconscious); a longing for or desire for change.

Even if we examine bridges in folklore you will notice a very similar parallel between dreams and these ancient stories. You might not be confronted by a fairy, devil, or a troll, though you might encounter your own obstacles masked with metaphors and symbolism.

What makes a bridge a positive omen is if you cross it safely. However this might not be the case as most bridges appear in dreams either to be broken, falling, hanging or collapsing.

Bridge Symbolism In Dreams:

  • Transition stage in your life,
  • Connection between the conscious and unconscious,
  • Danger crossing a boundary reflected in your walking life,
  • Confidence, advancement, goals;
  • Fears, anxieties, emotional troubles.

Fun Facts:

In the Koran, the bridge that crosses over hell is on a thin thread that can only be passed by the righteous. The Zhaozhou Bridge an China is the oldest standing bridge in the world. Built in 605 AD, it is still standing strong today, over 1400 years later.

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Bridges are usually built on top of rivers, canyons and canals often seen with water at the bottom. Noticing water underneath brings your attention to your emotional state mind – the type of bridge determines how emotionally secure you are.

Could this relate to a particular situation in your life that uses the bridge as a metaphor relating to change, freedom, connection from one thing to another?

Carl Jung saw the bridge as a symbol of the unconsciousness, a strong connection once passed. Walking over a bridge with ease is a positive omen suggesting achievement, goals, connection and freedom.

Bridge Falling

More than likely you will be hanging on for deal life as you noticed the bridge breaking apart in your dream. This represents sever ties, failures to succeed, anxieties related to obstacles in your life, and movement.

Your main goal is to make it to the next side successfully. Why did it fall? If the bridge was on fire, “burning bridges” suggests anger or issues related to your progress.

Bridge Dream Meaning

If you noticed a bridge under construction suggests on a possible unconscious level you are not ready to advance yet to the next level. Inner work must be achieved in order to securely pass.

A broken bridge is a warning that the connection between two parts in your life needs to be carefully crossed.

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11 months ago

I had a dream last night I went from one side to another on a bridge. A lot of people were with me. Three bridges were on top of one another. I walked with the people in the middle bridge. The top and bottom bridge stayed in tact. The middle bridge started to break a part, piece by piece. I kept yelling at everyone to jump into the water. It will be ok and we will make it to the other side. The water was murky. People finally did it but they didn’t want to. There was another group of… Read more »

1 year ago

I dreamed that a cousin was driving and I was in the passenger seat of a van, and in the middle of the bridge she went over the side. I was shocked that we were actually going over the side and nothing could stop it from happening at that point. We simply had to go over. And the drop was so long. Very, very long. And my daughter was in the back seat and I reached to hold her hand as we went down. I was waiting for impact. When we finally hit the bottom, we landed quite lightly. We… Read more »

Reply to  The Dreamer
1 year ago

Thank you!

1 year ago

I just dreamed that I was riding in a car with family. I hit something and damaged the tire but kept driving to get us home, then a bridge appeared in front of me. It was painted blue, it was raining hard and there were big gaps on the floor of the bridge. Big enough for my tire to wobble into it and get stuck. I made it across. Super weird. Didn’t want to go back to bed afterwards. I’m transitioning from one career to the next so it may be the stress and fear. I hope I get over… Read more »

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