Meaning of Clouds

Often times when clouds emerge in your dreams they symbolize the mood of the dreamer. The appearance of the clouds, colors and the events that surround them can alter the meaning of your dream. These are symbols that can reflect feeling of melancholy or happiness and joy. Profound dreams often encompass a God inside the clouds.

Alternately clouds can be connected to thoughts, ideas or beliefs that surround your mind. They take many different shapes and forms similar to our emotions and feelings in our everyday life; depicting our desires, hopes and fears. Essentially the clouds bring us one step closer to our inner self, motivation and intuitions.

Dreaming Of Clouds

In fact clouds are synonymous wit literature, movies, poems and plays; ranging from biblical and mythological texts being incarnations of the soul. Symbolically it foreshadows future events, light or darkness. With close ties with the wind clouds are unpredictable in nature, it has chosen to appear in your dreams for a specific reason. Analyzing your dream you will have to examine what clouds mean to you, or if your current mood is being represented by them.

Cloud Dream Symbolism:

  • Happiness
  • Connection to spirit
  • Depression or low mood
  • Consciousness
  • Change or short lived ideas
  • Creativity or higher thought

Clouds Dreams: The Emotional Shape Shifter

Dreams symbols are often displayed as images coded in metaphors for you to translate. Clouds appear to be untouchable, gentle, large and white cotton balls that are formed by water from different lakes, rivers and oceans. These bodies of water connect the dreamer to the emotional side, possible what might be unknown to them.

If the clouds in your dream appear to be full, white and luminous it is considered a positive omen. A symbol of things that come and go, change and transition is occurring. Clouds are compatible with air which is one of earths elements, commonly associated with higher thought, intellectual shifts, and abstract thinking.

Dark clouds are often seen as a symbol of depression or gloomy times ahead. The lack of brightness can mirror your current situation in life, closely associated with rain, can either act as a life giver or life destroying. Emotional disturbances are also reflected as the mask of hurricanes and tornadoes.

They have the ability to form shadows, a symbol that can be metaphoric related to your own personal shadow – the unconscious parts of the dreamer. These rejected qualities, urges and behaviors that are unknown. It clouds your judgement not letting the sun to penetrate.  The movement of clouds could be associated with ideas or feelings that might have clouded your perception.

Gods Live In The Clouds

Clouds are white in color due to the reflection of light from the sun; a symbol of the higher self- the main source of light and life within the soul. This could be why deities are often seen in the clouds as a metaphoric representation of the ‘self’.  Sometimes used as the vehicle for angels, guiding us and watching below.

Dating back to the Old Testament; Psalms and Jobs clouds are liked with the direct movement of God. The natural phenomena gives evidence of God’s unique works and inscrutable ways. In the clouds is where a message is contained metaphorically in your dreams.

Dreams of seeing Jesus or different type of Gods in the clouds are rare dreams. They could appear as visions, connection to the ‘self”, or contains a message for the dreamer.

Common Cloud Sayings:

  • On cloud nine
  • Dark clouds
  • Your head is in the clouds
  • A cloud is hanging over you
  • Cloud the issue