Dreams about Beetles

You should considered yourself very lucky if you had a dream about a beetle. These fascinating insects emerge in our dreams during a specific time in our life when we are undergoing a major change.

If you think that this was just a random bug that decided to appear out of nowhere you are wrong. It’s not only the fact that they have been roaming on the earth for 270 million years that makes them special, it has been an iconic symbol for the ancient Egyptians.

Interestingly enough the image created by our unconscious seems to have a very similar parallels used by our ancient ancestors. The ancient Egyptians associated the symbol of scarab beetle with the divine manifestation of the early morning sun and eternal life; in our dreams a rebirth, major transition and protection.

Beetle Dream Meaning

More than likely if you saw a beetle whizzing past you on a nice summer day you might duck your head to avoid its grotesque appearance. In our dreams they actually have a tendency to fly in our hair, or be an uninvited guest in your bed. Gross!

Once we understand that the beetle is not an enemy but a powerful omen representing transformation in our dreams it alters how you will perceive it. Your dream will provide you with clues that are contained within the exclusive characteristic of the beetle, thus being translated in a metaphoric manner.

Beetle Dreams: Transformation

Similar to the butterfly The life cycle of a beetle is known to do a complete metamorphosis, meaning it has four very different stages: egg, larval, pupal and adult. The beetle may very well appear to be a metaphoric representation as the new you emerging; death of the old for the new to continue to move forward.

It under goes a series of conspicuous and relatively abrupt changes to its whole body system between hatching and becoming adult. This could be a viable but abrupt change that will happen very quickly.

Beetles typically have a particularly hard exoskeleton that also suggests a tough exterior but a soft interior. With this new transformation you will be protected along your journey.

Beetle Symbolism

  • Spirituality, awakening energies or psychic abilities.
  • Inner transformation, emotional or physical.
  • Protection from your guides or higher self.
  • Connection between feminine and masculine energies.
  • Progress, consistency, devotion to goals and hard work.

Beetle Dreams: Intuition

Beetles cannot see very well, so they communicate using pheromones, sounds or vibrations. Could this suggest that the beetle emerged as a message from the spirit world?

Intuition is often felt and never seen, the instinctual ability to pick up on events before it happens. Perhaps the beetle is encouraging you to tap into this mysterious source.

So why did Egyptians worship scarabs? They assigned gods to animals and insects, and understood spherical dung balls as symbols of the sun. The sun in dreams is considered highly symbolic – masculine energy, self, it is the center of being and intuition, it is wisdom and warmth, glory and splendor.