Dreaming Of Kittens

Did you know that humans are hard-wired to find babies cute and innate desire to take care of them. Kittens are no exception: their sweet faces, large eyes and wispy fur make them irresistible to us. So why would these adorable furry creatures enter in your dream realm?

Kittens appear in our dreams for several different reasons. Cats are known to bring the dreamers attention towards the feminine, intuition, and part of your personality that needs to be nurtured; considered a universal symbol of tenderness, vulnerability and innocence.

These tiny animals emerge as messengers often providing the dreamer with insight to what is hidden, underdeveloped or perhaps weak within. Kittens can be seen as both a negative or positive omen depending your interaction.

Kitten Dreams

It is important to note your relationships with cats as the meaning will alter based off of your interaction with them – some like the ancient Egyptians adore cats, while others might be repulsed.

Do you melt when you see a litter of kittens? Or maybe you are unable to have them around as they give you allergies.

Dreams often speak to us in a metaphoric language and in this case we have something that is very fragile that needs to develop. What could this be?

You must ask why would the weakest of the felines show up in your dream? Could your dream is trying to tell you something that might result in you examining your agreeable nature. Perhaps they appeared as a symbol that you are protecting your feminine urges.

Dreaming of kittens might be a representation of a woman’s unconscious sexual feelings and emotions that are still developing, the mother instinct to care, nurture and love.

Hidden Aspects Of Your Personality?

  • Timid, shy or protectiveness
  • Feeling vulnerable and needed
  • High maintenance
  • Intuition
  • Independence and confidence
  • Dynamics with the opposite sex
  • Underdeveloped

Kitten Dreams & Intuition

The ancient Egyptians understood cats were magical creatures, capable of bringing good luck and connected to a divine source. The kittens in your dream might be encouraging you to examine underdeveloped intuition or psychic abilities.

In fact cats seem to appear in our dream to more spiritual people, as cats have an energy that connects with higher realms. Cats have intuition to trust certain people more easily than others. Similarly, people with large aura fields, are  often drawn to cats because of their own high frequency.

Litter Of Kittens

Dreaming of kittens in a full litter suggest future growth and development in multiples. How did you react to them? How you react to them would reflect what is multiplying in your life. Were you overwhelmed or excited?

If you noticed kittens being born it reminds the dreamer that something new has developed in their lives.

White, Grey, Or Black Cat

The two main colors that kittens often appear in our dreams are often black or white. The color black might represent the shadow – unconscious behaviors, urges and instincts. White kittens are often seen as a symbol of purity and innocence. Grey is often reflected as part of the dreamers mood. Alternatively these might be just colors of the kitten.