Reasons Why You Are Being Killed In Your Dream

Dreams are sometimes known to be graphic at times, in fact killing and murders are so common in dreams yet nobody ever talks about it.

We know dreams are confusing enough but what happens when we are violently attacked or perhaps seeing your loved ones murdered.

Do these dreams actually suggest that you or someone you know will meet their fate?

Killed In My Dream Meaning

The good news is these dreams have nothing to do with killing but possibly reflecting areas of your life that remain hidden. Dying can be seen as a powerful symbol of transformation, however this confrontation with this powerful force might be a resistance or acceptance to undergo change.

Before we break down the symbolic meaning of “killing in dreams” we first must examine some overlooked underlying causes.

#1. Killing Dreams: Underlying Causes

Before you jump the gun and start analyzing your dream you may first want check out other reasons why this disturbing nightmare occurred.

Did you know that number of psychological triggers, foods, or medications that might be a major contributor for why you are experiencing graphic dreams. Something as simple as watching horror movie or news right before bed might incorporate the contents and play them out in your dreams.

Alternately people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are known to have vividly graphic dreams due to the  terrifying events from the past.

  • increased stress or anxiety
  • sleep disorders
  • medications
  • migraines
  • substance abuse – drugs or alcohol
  • other health disorders
  • spicy foods or cheese before bed.
  • early pregnancy

#2. Being Killed In My Dreams?

If the unconscious sends us messages coded metaphorically what does it mean to be killed in your dreams?

In short killing implies a removal, ending, expelling aspects of your identity – or – emotional parts that have been severed. Depending the context of the dream it determines whether this is the destruction of positive parts of the dreamer’s personality, or a symbol of  inner healing that comes after an abrupt end.

It’s graphic nature purposely gets your attention for you examine these unknown parts. Being killed violently in your dream suggests something has come to its final end.

Your dream will provide you with clues, for example: someone killing you with a knife represents “removal” or “cutting away” from something, where as a gun represents directed anger and aggression.

Who is this somebody who killed you? By identifying with the persons characteristics or traits might be unconscious to you. Perhaps this person carries hate, anger or hostility towards you in your walking life.

Furthermore the inability to identify who the killer is might bring you to examine your own personal shadow – unconscious behavior’s, urges, instincts that you yourself is killing off.

#3. Dream Family Being Murdered

Dreaming of your family being murdered might represent severed relationship, radical change, failure and removal that you are picking up on. These can be both external factors or related to your own personal connection.

#4. Spouse Killing Dreams

As much as you may love your partner dreams about killing each other is not as rare as you think in your dream. If your wife kills you in your dream or vice versa it might imply unconscious anger, a symbol of death/rebirth, removing old aspects of you that no longer serve a purpose in your relationship.

Alternatively these dreams imply essential parts of your emotions that have been cut off.

Being murdered in your dream might not be as bad as it seems, in fact these dream connect to an inner transformation, though you might not be ready for it. When the ego is resisting change killing might be an appropriate symbol of choice that represents this ending you have no control over.

#5. Dream Of Witnessing A Crime

Witnessing someone else commit a crime in your dream is often people we know like friends and family. The main symbol here is you seeing something that they are doing which isn’t good.

Could it suggests that you are picking up on them cutting or removing themselves away from something? Perhaps you might be seeing them disconnect parts of their relationships or emotional ties.

#6. Saving Someone Dream Meaning

If you dream of saving someone from being murdered is a positive omen that implies you are either saving or protecting unconscious qualities about yourself – or that of others you know. The person that you save might have these traits or similar characteristics that you possess that you are preserving within yourself.

#7. Child

Most dreams where children are involved usually represents our own “inner child” – representing our child-like capacity for innocence that has been affected due to our childhood. Any danger to a child suggests it needs to be rescued. See inner child dream meaning.

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Ashilla Brooks
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