Dreams about Kissing

Do you have dreams about kissing? Kissing in your dream indicates some sort of Underlying Connection you have with this person and usually nothing to do with any sort of physical attraction – unless you are kissing your “crush” in your dream.

Kissing Dream Meaning?

Did you know that kissing causes a chemical reaction in your brain? This so called “love hormone” actually has a scientific name called oxytocin that is responsible for stirring up feelings of affection and attachment.

So what does releasing dopamine and serotonin in the brain have to do with dreaming? You might be shocked to know that this release is often projected on the one you kiss. Metaphorically speaking that is.

Dreams are notorious for sending symbols in a metaphoric manner hence why you should look at what might be “attracting” these two energies together.

Unfortunately kissing dreams are not as straight forward as you may think, in fact it is quite common to dream of kissing strangers, friends, ex lovers, and even people with the same sex. Kissing is a powerful that is waiting for you to find the true meaning. Find out if you met your twin flame in your dream?

Before kissing gets complicated lets cover the basics first!

Did You Kiss Your Crush In Your Dreams?

These dreams are so intense that you wish you never woke up from them. So why might be you kissing your crush? Well according to Sigmund Freud kissing in dreams might have to do with your sexuality development and urges, or perhaps a wishful fulfillment.

If you are kissing your crush on his or her lips it might be related to a need or desire to communicate.

Could kissing your crush in your dream predict events to come in the distant future? Maybe this is why you may be dreaming of someone you like giving you a kiss in the middle of the night. How do you know they are dreaming the same thing?

Why Kissing In Dreams Is Symbolic

Who might you be kissing in your dream? The person plays a vital role when it comes to decoding your dreams. You might want to question some of these factors before you decode your dream.

  • Are you kissing someone who you know personally?
  • Is this someone who you are attracted too or never would in a million years?
  • Was this a stranger you kissed in your dream?
  • Did someone kiss your lover?
  • Did they kiss you on your forehead, lips or cheek?
  • How did you feel when it happened?

As you can see kissing in dreams tend to be more complex than you think, however kissing is a positive symbol despite you would kiss that person or not. In fact dreaming of kissing brings your attention to aspects about them you might want to either inherit in yourself or perhaps repressed within.

You are attracted to something about them that goes beyond psychical attraction hence why kissing your boss in your dream is very common. Why? Well he or she might display leadership qualities that you wish to adopt within yourself.

Kissing in your dream becomes a powerful omen usually wanting you to investigate the unconscious traits, behaviors or skills that you see with that particular person. Are they spiritual, religious, intelligent, confident, pretty or maybe has amazing style.

Kissing Someone With The Same Gender Dream?

Before you freak out and question your sexuality, dreaming of kissing the same sex in your dream is perfectly normal, in fact it is so common yet nobody dares to search online to figure it out.

You are more likely to find girls searching the web “I kissed a girl and I am a girl in my dream” more than men would. As we mentioned above who ever you are kissing might be related to a deeper connection that you are unconsciously picking up on.

According to Carl Jung he believed the psyche was androgynous that displays both female and male counterparts – anima for men and animus for women. Both of these energies relates to our inner or soul life – the inner force that animates us and not the “soul” itself.

Essentially when you are kissing someone with the opposite sex in your dream you are becoming closer to either the masculine or feminine counterpart within.

Dream Of Kissing Others In Dream?

The meaning of a “kiss” alters depending if you or someone else is kissing in your dream. It is not uncommon to dream of kissing your ex, or perhaps you may even notice your partner kissing someone else.

Article: Why You Are Kissing Your Ex?

Again these dream have nothing to do with some sort of lust or attraction but rather relating to something entirely different. So why would you kiss your ex? These dreams might hint at acceptance within, repressed memories, attachment, or symbolic as an ending – the kiss of death is to put an end to something.

Dreaming of your partner kissing someone else as multiple meanings. Could it suggest your jealously, trust or possession? Perhaps you fear this happening. Furthermore he or she might be giving attention (communication) to someone else and not you hence being metaphoric in your dream.

Location Of The Kiss Dream

Dreams symbols are not just a fluke, its design it purposely perfected for you to decode metaphorically. This is why being kissed on the forehead in your dream becomes very symbolic connecting to the third eye of the dreamer – a symbol of awakening energies located in 6th chakra pineal gland. See third eye dreams.

Being kissed on the cheek in your dream links to communication, and awareness of how sensitive or insensitive you feel. On the left might suggest something “leaving” or “left”, whereas the right can be considered more of a positive symbol.

Dreaming of being kissed on the lips is a positive omen suggesting the unification of these two unconscious energies. The new “communication” that is now conscious within.

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7 months ago

I was in my sociology and I was sitting in the back with my friends Alissa and Ava. The weird thing was Ava isn’t in that class. However, they were picking on me for something I said to my sorta friend James and they were saying I had a crush on him. About five minutes latter someone comes by and says that James heard them. So, I go over to his desk and kneel down and motion for him lean his head down so I could whisper something in his ear. I started to say ”I don’t know what you… Read more »

7 months ago

I recently have had several dreams in which I cannot find my husband in a chaotic setting, and last night I had a dream his best friend kissed me on the neck. He, my husband and I have been close friends for a number of years, and we regularly work together. I have never found him attractive, our relationship has always been more brother/sister. Any thoughts on this would be helpful. Thank you.

7 months ago

i was at my school and a friend of mine pushed another girl out if the way and came and kissed me on the lips

8 months ago

Had a dream my crush kissed my right cheek. But this was after he kissed our ex-coworker on her left cheek. After sometime passed, she leaned in and grabbed him and kissed him on the mouth. She got up and ran away, and he sat surprised for a minute then went after her.

11 months ago

I had a dream that my crush kissed me on the lips. What might that mean?

1 year ago

I was in an empty courtyard when a guy I know came up to me and started to continually kiss me on my head and forehead. I tried to push him away but he would not stop. I was feeling pleasure but also terror as I could not get away.

1 year ago

Suddenly i dreamt about jungkook of bts. He is not even my bias and I’m not crazy about him. In my dream jungkook invited me to hang out with him then when i arrived at his home i sat on a table with his parents and having some conversation. Then when it was only the two of us left there, jungkook approached me and face me while having some small talk then he kissed my lips. I was flustered and embarrassed by it so i hug him to hide my face. And then i remembered i have a boyf and… Read more »

Parnol K
Parnol K
2 years ago

Today i dreamed of kissing my crush. In my dream I saw that I was usig my phone in my room. Suddenly I saw that she came in my room saying ‘hi’. She sat beside me and we started chit chat. She started sticking to my body. I was feeling nice but after sometime she came close to me. She then tried to kiss me on my lips, i regretted as my mom was there in home. But she told not to worry and we kissed for 5 seconds. After that i woke up.

sarranga-jade kim
sarranga-jade kim
3 years ago

i dreamt about kissing nick jonas’s son but he deosn’t have one and his name was hunter and i don’t know why and then we dated and then he took me to busan south korea a proposed to me and then we got married at disney animal kingdom, and then we had twin girls that we named vanillape and mavis,and then i woke up,
but before we dated the jonas brothers were staying at my house for some reason!
also i’m 13!